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The Music section of Kodi consists of a powerful and feature rich library that allows the flexible sorting and organization of your music collection.

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icon Guide to Create, Modify and Re-build your Music Library
icon Music library settings
The main Music Library settings can be accessed from the Library tab in Music Settings. Those can be accessed either from the Settings menu from the home screen, or via the context menu as seen above. Cleaning up the Music Library (removing invalid entries and compressing)can be done via the User Interface Settings, in the Music Settings with the Clean Library option.
icon Music navigation
icon Music Videos
Music Videos
icon Music playback

icon Add-ons
An Add-on is another piece of software that can be added to a program to further expand and enhance the features of that program. Imagine a smart phone and all the additional Apps that can be installed to enhance its functionality. Kodi has the same ability and these apps are referred to as Add-ons. Kodi has a growing list of community driven add-ons which can be installed from a common official repository, while still enabling third-party developers to also host their own unofficial repositories for add-ons that any user can choose to add themselves.

2 How-tos

Assorted how-tos related to the music library that have been added to the wiki: