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1 Introduction

Trailers can be scanned or scraped into the library along with the movie metadata and artwork. Watch the trailers independently or specialised add-ons can be used to re-create the cinema experience by playing trailers before viewing a movie.

Only one trailer per movie can be added to the library. If you have multiple trailers, consider using one of the Extras add-ons.

1.1 Known Issues

  • If the setting Enable Trailer (YouTube) is enabled in the scraper settings, in some cases local trailers may be ignored. Disable this setting to use your locally saved trailers.
  • If using NFO files which contain a URL to an online trailer, in some cases the local trailer will be ignored. Delete the trailer entry in the NFO file to use the local trailer.

The above needs to be performed before scanning / scraping.

2 Movies

Movie trailers can be added to Kodi using one of the following methods.

2.1 Scrape Online

The Kodi scrapers can scrape trailers if the setting is enabled in the scraper settings page. As always, when changing scraper settings on an existing Source ensure the settings are adjusted via Change content in the Context Menu for the Source.

The scraper will not download the trailer video file, instead the link to the trailer at YouTube is downloaded. The YouTube add-on and an internet connection will be required to view the trailer.

See: Add-on:The Movie Database

2.2 Scan Local

Trailers can be saved locally which can then be scanned into Kodi.

  • Trailers must be in place before scanning/scraping the movie into the library. If the trailer is added after the movie has been added to the library, then a Refresh must be performed to scan the trailer into the library.
  • Trailers are saved alongside the movie file (see image)
  • Trailers are named the same as the movie file but have -trailer appended to the name with no spaces (see image)

3 TV Shows

Trailers for TV shows has never been implemented. No naming scheme for tv show trailers has been devised, scrapers do not scrape trailers and scanning local trailers is not possible.

The database does contain a field for TV show trailers and it is possible to force Kodi to populate the database with a local trailer entry through the use of NFO files as follows:

  1. No naming convention exists for TV show trailers, but it would be safe to follow existing conventions and name the trailer where xxx is the file extension
  2. Save the trailer inside the folder for the TV Show, where local artwork and season folders are located.
  3. Create / Export an NFO file and include the following XML tag entry. The value must be the full path to the trailer as shown in the example below.
  4. Scan the NFO file into the library
<trailer>E:\TV Show- TEST\Ascension\tvshow-trailer.mp4</trailer>

4 Trailer Add-ons

The following add-ons are available to view online trailers, play random trailers or to create the "cinema experience".

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