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TextureTool (created by supp.) is giving you the opportunity to decompile and compile .xbt files. It's also providing a Graphical User Interface (GUI).

The TextureTool is based on tiben20's (Team Kodi) command line extractor and TexturePacker.

1 How To Get It

TextureTool is only working with Windows XP and above.
It is available here: Download TextureTool 2.7.2

Note: TextureTool requires Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio (vcredist.exe).

2 Usage

The TextureTool does support alot of errorhandling so there isn't a way to do much mistakes. There are two primary functions. The decompile Mode and the compile Mode. You will see them by opening the tool.

The Decompile Mode (extract .xbt files)

1. Select your input file in the FileopenDialog Window
2. Select the output directory (where your files should be extracted to)
3. Press the "start" button to begin.

The Compile Mode (TexturePacker - compile .xbt files)

1. Select your input directory in the FileopenDialog Window
2. Select the output .xbt file (for example "Textures.xbt")
3. Press the "start" button to begin.

3 Additional Informations

  • Kodi - Texture Tool is not supporting spaces in directorys (error handling is enabled)
  • Updater is included
  • You are able to select advanced options (for example: dupecheck / disable lz0)
  • Application is portable
  • dev mode available by using Ctrl + shit + d
  • Logfile will be generated/deleted with every (re)start of the application

4 Support

If you are facing any issues feel free to submit your logfiles and description in the kodi board here.