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This template exists to allow easy switching to Unicode fonts. It should only be used in cases where characters otherwise do not render correctly on some browsers, such as Internet Explorer.

The fonts selected are designed to maximize the probability to render uncommon Unicode characters correctly. However, different fonts cover different Unicode ranges. It is probably most useful for showing more esoteric Unicode symbols.


The template looks for letter font families that are broadly supporting incurrent characters (symbols, characters). Input can be decimal like &#123; or hexadecimal &#xA9;. Remember to mind the x for hexadecimal values.

  • {{Unicode|&#x22CA;}}
  • {{Unicode|&#8906;}}
  • {{Unicode|⋊}} (this may look trivial, but could be helpful in other browsers)


Internal logic

HTML <span class="Unicode">...</span> tags are wrapped around the template's raw input, wherein class="Unicode" is defined in MediaWiki:Common.js as:

.Unicode {
  font-family: "Arial Unicode MS", "Lucida Sans Unicode";

By extension, this means that an editor may duplicate the output of this template by directly wrapping the raw character codes in <span style="font-family: 'Arial Unicode MS','Lucida Sans Unicode';">...</span> tags when editing the page and thus not need to invoke this template.

User-defined Unicode fonts

A User stylesheet or User skin-specific stylesheet (at vector.css, foreground.css or metrolook.css) with class .Unicode { font-family: "preferred-font-family-name"; } may be used to enforce another preferred typeface family on all Kodi Wiki skins or only a single skin, respectively, if desired.