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{{{nav name}}}: [[:{{{link1}}}|{{{link1}}}]] [[:{{{link2}}}|{{{link2}}}]]

[edit] Template documentation

Used for making navigation templates between a series of related pages.


Make a new template with the following:

 | nav name = 
 | link1 = 
 | link2 = 
 | link3 = 
 | link4 = 

Can be used up to | link20 = . Requires at least two links (why else would you need a nav template?).

If you need to format the link name differently than the page name (same idea as using [[link|link name]] then use | link1 name = , etc.

For example, here link3 is given a different link name than the page name:

 | nav name = Bugs
 | link1 = Ants
 | link2 = Spiders
 | link3 = Flys (the bad kind)
 | link3 name = Flys
 | link4 = Polar bears