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[edit] Template documentation

Used for highlighting and/or boxing text. Can be used inside paragraphs.

1 Usage

{{highlight|TEXT GOES HERE}} makes  TEXT GOES HERE 

If the text contains an equals sign (=) then you will have to use this syntax: {{highlight|1=TEXT GOES HERE}}

1.1 Color

Default color is #E6E6FA. This can be overwritten with |color= like this:

  • {{highlight|TEXT GOES HERE|color=red}} makes  TEXT GOES HERE 
  • {{highlight|TEXT GOES HERE|color=orange}} makes  TEXT GOES HERE 
  • {{highlight|TEXT GOES HERE|color=#CADCFB}} makes  TEXT GOES HERE 
  • {{highlight|TEXT GOES HERE|color=#f2e0ce}} makes  TEXT GOES HERE 

1.2 Border

To add a border add |bordered=yes like this:

  • {{highlight|TEXT GOES HERE|bordered=yes}} makes  TEXT GOES HERE 
  • {{highlight|TEXT GOES HERE|bordered=yes|color=red}} makes  TEXT GOES HERE 
  • {{highlight|TEXT GOES HERE|bordered=yes|color=orange}} makes  TEXT GOES HERE 
  • {{highlight|TEXT GOES HERE|bordered=yes|color=#CADCFB}} makes  TEXT GOES HERE 
  • {{highlight|TEXT GOES HERE|bordered=yes|color=#f2e0ce}} makes  TEXT GOES HERE