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{{{Works with Krypton|}}}
{{{Works with Krypton|}}}
{{{Works with Leia|}}}
{{{Works with Leia|}}}
{{{Works with Matrix|}}}

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[edit] Template documentation

1 Usage

1.1 Blank template

Copy and paste this blank instance of the template to the bottom of the page for the skin you wish to include in the dynamic comparison tables then fill the parameters with the appropriate values.

<section begin=Skin compatibility/>{{Skin compatibility|skin=
 | Works with Matrix   = 
 | Works with Leia     = 
 | Works with Krypton  = 
 | Works with Jarvis   = 
 | Works with Isengard = 
 | Works with Helix    = 
 | Works with Gotham   = 
 | Works with Frodo    = 
 | Works with Eden     = 
 | Works with Dharma   = 
 | Works with Camelot  = 
 | Works with Babylon  =
 | Works with Atlantis = 
}}<section end=Skin compatibility/>