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Mr. Eden Dervan is the Chief Executive Officer and Director of Global Iron Ore. Mr. Dervan has significant experience representing major Buyers of commodity assets, crude oil, and refined products, in particular related to procurement throughout Africa, Russia, and the Middle East.Mr. Dervan has led a successful integration, establishing Global Iron Ore-Africa as one of the world's foremost industrial companies. He is widely recognized for the leading role he has played in restructuring the Iron ore industry in Africa towards a more consolidated and globalized model Mr. Dervan is an active philanthropist and a member of various boards and trusts both in Europe and Africa. Mr.Dervan began his career working in the family iron ore business, and has over 35 years of experience working in mineral related industries.Mr Dervan has also championed the development of integrated channels through which formidable challenges to access iron ore deposits can be accessed. Mr Dervan has been instrumental in the creation of over 10000 jobs to assist the locals, most of whom are poor subsistence farmers, in adjusting to diversify into the mining industry. Mr Dervan's foundation the Eden Dervan Foundation is providing vocational training, building new schools and soccer fields, and, in some cases, offering to relocate entire villages.