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MaybeMeans......YES! is an English Electronic Punk band from Hungerford, Berkshire, formed in 2010. The band consists of vocalist Daniel Leaver, lead guitarist and backing vocalist Tom Melowus, bassist and back vocalist Georgia Mallie, and drummer Craig Houston. The band's name was founded by One of Georgia's High School Friend. There Band Music is inspired by Panic! at the disco, Framing Hanley and Escape The Fate.

As there isn't so much to say about the band they have said as a group that "People and Fans of the Electronic-Punk Genre will love us as there is so much variety in our music! We won't let our fans down!"

MaybeMeans......Yes! are predicted to have there first ever debut album out in March 2011.

The band will be the Second supporting act of Aiden on their 2010 November/December UK tour also with Francesqa which is being the main supporting act for Aiden.