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General To-do's for most "remote" related pages
  • A lot of general info is still in the old keymap page and needs to be copied into their respective areas, at least as far as default maps go and basic 101's on modifying their keymaps.
  • Most topics need a picture and list of buttons/actions for default maps for MCE remotes, gamepads, etc. If more than one button layout is common feel free to include more than one picture/map.
  • Move a lot of the technical information to their own sections and make sure most of these pages start off with new user information. Emphasize how to set up various input devices, what works out of the box, and what the default mappings are. The next sections (or even subpages, if the page is too long) should be about common ways to modify the keymaps. If there is further technical information, that should be last.
  • Remember that most users just want to know how to plug in and control XBMC. Sections aimed at new users should be informative, but keep it short and to the point, and keep further technical information in a section further down.
  • See the various remote control pages for more specific to-do lists.