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There's two big areas of "to do" for this page:

One is the namechange from XBMC to Kodi, and the current assumption is that XBMCbuntu will become something like KodiBuntu. Since the page still needs to make sense for existing XBMC installs, just write "XBMCbuntu/KodiBuntu" for the time being.

The other area is transitioning this entire page to a basic how-to on just getting XBMC on a dedicated box. This likely needs to mention OpenELEC and how KodiBuntu compares to it, why people would choose one or the other, etc. OpenELEC is considered by Team XBMC/Kodi to be an officially sanctioned version of XBMC/Kodi.

Specific to-do items
  • The start of the page should be a semi-short, basic no-nonesense explanation about what KodiBuntu is and why someone would want to use it. This needs to be written so that totally new users can understand this.
  • Immediately following that section should be a step-by-step howto using Template:How-to on installing KodiBuntu using a USB drive. At this point there is almost no reason to even bother mentioning burning things to a CD/DVD, as the vast majority of users will use a USB drive install method.
  • A short section explaining upgrading should follow, with basic information on switching between a nightly/beta version and back again, as well as dealing with Ubuntu upgrades due to the 9-month support cycle. This will be a tricky section, because it is a complex topic but needs to be understandable by newbies.
  • Basic usage needs to be covered, like switching between Kodi or the desktop mode. Things like installing drivers, using a web browser, configuring wifi via the GUI, should also be covered, but feel free to just use links for generic lubuntu advice if it applies.
  • A separate basic FAQ page should be created and a section on this page should be made to lead into and link to that FAQ page. This FAQ page is for both newbies and technical users looking for quick answers.
  • A separate "common issues" page should be created and a section on this page should be made to lead into and link to that "common issues" page.
  • Anything more technical should be covered by more general Linux/Ubuntu related pages on the wiki.