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1 2006


XBMC was nomintated for two Community Choice Awards

  • Best Multimedia Project
  • Best Game Project(?)

XBMC won both categories.

Our thanks goes out to all XBMC fans who voted!

2 2007

Back in 2007 the XBMC project was nominated as a 2007 Community Choice Awards (CCA) finalist in no less than six categories. This was the second annual SourceForge CCA, (back in 2006 the XBMC project won two of the categories; "best multimedia project" and "best game project").

The XBMC project was nominated as a finalist in these categories:

  • Best Project
  • Best User Support
  • Best Technical Design
  • Best Project for Multimedia
  • Most Collaborative Project
  • Best Project for Gamers *

Unfortunately not enough XBMC fans voted this year so XBMC did not win in a single category.

3 2008

In 2008 XBMC won an award for Best Project for Gamers.[1]