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This category contains the PVR playback and channel switching settings.

1 General


1.1 Switch to fullscreen

Settings level: Standard
Description: Switch to full screen display when starting playback of channels and recordings.

1.2 Show signal quality

Settings level: Advanced
Description: True to display signal quality information in the codec information window (if supported by the add-on and backend)

1.3 Confirm channel switches by pressing OK

Settings level: Standard
Description: When this option is enabled, pressing a number button in full screen mode will automatically switch to the channel number that was entered after 1 second. When disabled, you need to confirm the switch by pressing ok.

1.4 Delay channel switch

Settings level: Advanced
Description: When pressing channel up or down, the actual channel switch is delayed. Defaults to 0 milliseconds.

1.5 Delay mark last watched

Settings level: Expert
Description: If set to a value greater than zero, last watched items of channels will be stored the given amount of time after start of channel playback. Otherwise the last watched time will be stored immediately at start of channel playback.

1.6 Fallback framerate

Settings level: Basic
Description: If enabled, this framerate is used for streams we were not able to detect fps. Possible options will depend on what the screen you run Kodi on is capable of.

2 RDS Radio

PVR Playback 2.jpg

2.1 Enable RDS for radio channels

Settings level: Standard
Description: RDS data can be used if present.

2.2 Mesage traffic advisory

Settings level: Standard
Description: RDS inform you about traffic advisory messages.