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1 General

2 Stereoscopic 3D

3 Calibration

Note: Always adjust your TV display settings before Kodi's settings (such as overscan, etc). In most cases, you can get a "just scan/just fit/PC mode/something" mode turned on that will not require any adjustments in Kodi, and will allow for the best screen quality. This screen allows you to calibrate the User Interface by adjusting the overscan. Use this tool if the image being displayed is too large or small for your display.
Simply adjust the screen so that the arrows are in the top left and bottom right corners and that the entire frame is visible on screen.

It offers the ability to adjust:

  • The overscan of the video - How close to the edges of the screen that the image is displayed.
  • The position where subtitles are displayed (default 1042 for 1080p, 694 for 720p and 463 for 480p).
  • The pixel ratio allows you calibrate the aspect ratio at which videos are played back.