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1 Actions

Setting Description
Play next video automatically When selected this enables automatic playback of the next file in the list
Skip steps  ?
Skip delay  ?

2 Playback

Setting Description
Adjust display refresh rate Defines when the refresh rate adjustments should take place.

Activate to automatically set the refresh rate which is best matched with the video that is playing (default off). This potentially allows for perfectly smooth video reproduction, as video material can be recorded in a variety of frame rates (23.976fps, 24fps, 25fps, 29.97fps, 30 fps, etc.) which need to be properly matched by the refresh rate of the display, in order to be displayed smoothly.

Sync playback to display This setting enables syncing the video to the refresh rate of the monitor.
Minimise black bars Allow video player to try to fit video to screen by ignoring aspect ratio by a certain amount.
Display 4:3 videos as Determines the zoom level that 4:3 videos are shown on widescreen displays.

3 Processing

Setting Description
Render Method Controls the method used by the player to process and display the video, (which is called rendering).
Enable HQ scalers for scaling above  ?
Allow hardware acceleration Enables hardware decoding of video files e.g. VDPAU

4 Stereoscopic 3D

Setting Description
Playback mode of stereoscopic videos  ?
Disable stereoscopic mode when playback is stopped  ?

5 Teletext

Setting Description
Activate Teletext Enables Teletext when watching a live TV stream.
Scale Teletext to 4:3 When selected scales Teletext to 4:3 ratio.