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This category contains the settings for how information for videos is collected, stored, shown and navigated.

1 All


1.1 Default select action

Settings level: Basic
Description: Lets you toggle between Choose, Play, Resume and Show information

Choose, will select item, eg open a directory in files mode.

On Resume Kodi will automatically resume videos from the last position that you were viewing them, even after restarting the system.

Default is Play

1.2 Use video tags

Settings level: Advanced
Description: If *.mp4 or *.mkv files do have tags, enable this setting to use them for the library metadata.

1.3 Extract video information from files

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Extract metadata information such as codec and aspect ratio from videos.

1.4 Extract thumbnails from video files

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Extract thumbnails to display in library mode

1.5 Extract chapter thumbnails

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Extract chapter thummbnails for presentation in the chapters/bookmarks dialogue. This might increase CPU load

2 Files

Settings media videos files.JPG

2.1 Combine split video items

Settings level: Standard
Description: Combines multi-part video files, DVD folders or movie folders, down to a single item in the non-library views

2.2 Replace file names with library titles

Settings level: Standard
Description: When a file is scanned into the library it will display the metadata title instead of the filename

3 Library


3.1 Show all items entry

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Show "All items" entry in directory, e.g. "All Albums" or "All seasons"

3.2 Show plot for unwatched items

Settings level: Basic
Description: Show information for unwatched media in the video library or hide them if not selected to prevent spoilers. Available options are: "Movie plot", "Episode plot" and "Episode thumb".

3.3 Show movie sets

Settings level: Standard
Description: When enabled, movies that are tagged with a "Movie set" are grouped together under one entry in the movie library. This entry can then be opened to display the individual movies. When disabled, each movie will have its own entry in the movie library, even if it belongs to a set. It has no affect on the Movie Sets node.

3.3.1 Include sets containing a single movie

Settings level: Standard
Description: Can work with, or independently of the previous setting. It is recommended that this setting is enabled
  • When the previous setting is enabled and this setting is enabled, a "Movie set" entry is used even if the movie set contains only a single movie from the set.
  • When the previous setting is enabled and this setting is disabled, a "Movie set" entry is used only if the movie library contains two or more movies from the set.
  • When this setting is enabled with or without the previous setting, sets that contain a single movie become visible in the Movie Set Editor.
  • This setting has no affect on the Movie Sets node
See: Movie sets

3.4 Flatten hierarchy

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Romeves the title, genre, etc. nodes from the library view. Selecting a category takes you straight to the title view

3.5 Flatten TV show seasons

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Removes the TV show season node, toggles between "If only one season" (default), "Always" and "Never".

3.6 Show empty TV shows

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Shows TV shows with no episodes when browsing through the library

3.7 Select first unwatched TV show season / episode

Settings level: Advanced
Description: When entering TV show season or episode views, automatically selects the first unwatched item.

If viewing seasons, selects the first season with unwatched episodes. If viewing episodes, selects the first unwatched episode. Only applies if sort method is set to Episode

3.7.1 Include "All seasons" and "Specials"

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Whether or not consider the items from "All season" and "Specials in the unwatched item selection

3.8 Download actor thumbnails

Settings level: Advanced
Description: Gets thumbnails for actors when scanning media.

4 Changes in Kodi 19 Matrix

4.1 Movie set information folder

Future.png FUTURE Matrix FEATURE:
This setting is available in v19
Settings level: Standard
Description: Select the folder where movie set information (images) are saved locally.
Note: Located at the bottom of the Library section above.