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Enable the Personal Video Recorder (PVR) features in XBMC. This requires that at least one PVR add-on is installed.

Synchronize channel groups with backends
Always use the channel order from the backend(s)
Use backend channels numbers (only works with 1 enabled PVR add-on)

Channel manager
Switches to Channel manager which allows modifying of channel order, channel name, icon etc.
Search for channels
Reset the PVR database
Delete channel/epg database and reimport the data from backend afterwards

Do not show 'connection lost' warnings


Show channel information when switching channels
shows information about the current programm on this channel
Automatically hide channel information
Close channel OSD after switching channels
Channel information duration
?. Defaults to 5 seconds.
Hide video information box

Default folder for PVR thumbnails
Location where the tv logos ( ) are stored
Scan for missing icons
looked for missing icons and linked icons to channels, so they appear in the "Live TV" channel section


Default EPG window
?. Defaults to Now.
Days to display in the EPG
?. Defaults to 2 days.

EPG update interval
?. Defaults to 120 minutes.
Prevent EPG updates while playing a TV stream
Do not store the EPG in the database
Do not show 'no information available' labels
Reset the EPG database
Delete the EPG database in xbmc and reimport the data afterwards from the backend


Start playback minimized
Continue last channel on startup
?. Defaults to 'No'.
Switch channel without pressing OK
Show signal quality

Timeout when starting playback
?. Defaults to 15 seconds.
Deplay channel switch
?. Defaults to 0 milliseconds.


Instant recording duration
?. Defaults to 180 minutes.
Default recording priority
?. Defaults to 50.
Default recording lifetime
?. Defaults to 99 days.
Margin at starting of a recording
?. Defaults to 2 minutes.
Margin at end of a recording
?. Defaults to 10 minutes.

Display a notification on timer updates

Power saving

Settings.PVR.Power saving.png

Backend idle time
?. Defaults to 15 minutes.
Set wakeup command (cmd[timestamp])
?. Defaults to '/usr/bin/'.
Wakeup before recording
?. Defaults to 15 minutes.

Daily wakeup
Daily wakeup time (HH:MM:SS)

Parental control

Settings.PVR.Parental control.png

Change PIN
Unlock duration
?. Defaults to 300 seconds.

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