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Screensaver mode - Chooses the screensaver.

Settings - Allows control of such things as Screensaver dim level which controls how much the screen dims when the screensaver is set to dim mode and Slideshow folder, which determines what pictures to use when the screensaver is set to Slideshow mode.

Preview - Allows you to preview the selected screensaver.

Screensaver time - Allows you to set the amount of idle time required before displaying the screensaver.

Use visualization if playing audio - With this option enabled, Kodi will start the selected visualization instead of displaying the screensaver if music is being played. Conversely if you wish not to have a visualization while playing audio, uncheck this option and visualizations will be disabled. Note: If a screensaver is active you will still get the screensaver after the preset time has elapsed for screensaver to kick in

Use dim if paused during video playback - With this option enabled, Kodi will dim the display when media is paused, Not valid for the "Dim" screensaver mode.