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Adjust the settings of the Kodi screensaver, or download and install a new screensaver

1 General

1.1 Screensaver mode

Settings level: Basic
Description: Select the screensaver to be installed.

The "Dim" screensaver is enabled by default and will be forced when fullscreen video playback is paused or a dialogue box is active and may also prevent other screenaver add-ons from operating in these two scenarios. It will assist in preventing screen burn-in.

1.2 Settings

Settings level: Standard
Description: Select to change the screensaver specific settings. Which options are available for configuration depends on the features provided by the screensaver add-on.

1.3 Preview

Settings level: Standard
Description: Preview the selected screensaver. Useful when adjusting settings.

1.4 Wait time

Settings level: Basic
Description: Set the inactivity time before displaying the screensaver.

1.5 Use visualisation if playing audio

Settings level: Basic
Description: If music is being played, the selected visualisation will be started instead of displaying the screensaver.

Note: If a screensaver is enabled here, the screensaver will display after the Wait Time has elapsed.

1.6 Use dim if paused during video playback

Settings level: Standard
Description: If a video is paused for the Wait Time set above, the screen will dim to help reduce the possibility of screen burn-in.

If the selected screensaver is the default "Dim" screensaver, this option is not accessible and is enabled by default.

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