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Kodi is primarily designed for the home theatre using the 10-foot user interface principles controlled with a remote control. Alternatively a (wireless) keyboard can be used.

Most hardware you purchase, like the RPi and Android devices, will have a remote control included and will work out of the box with Kodi.

Using a Mouse to control Kodi is not recommended and many skins do not support mouse functions.

These pages are only needed for those that have built their own HTPC and need to configure a remote control, or who need to replace a lost/broken remote control or change button actions.

Note: If your remote control does not work with your hardware, it will not work with Kodi. Follow the manufacturers instructions to set up your remote control with your hardware first. The following pages contain general information and may not help you outside of Kodi.

Types of remotes

  • CEC - Use your existing TV remote control if you have a CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) compatible television or AV-receiver supporting HDMI-CEC interface.
  • Control Systems - Highly Customizable Programmable Control Systems for Home Automation which can control Kodi as well as Lights, HVAC, A/V Equipment, and much more.
  • Game controllers - Game controllers, including game-pads and joysticks, such as Xbox 360, PlayStation 3/4, and Nintendo Wii controllers can all be used to directly control Kodi's interface.
  • MCE Remotes - Infrared remote controls made for computers that follow the MCE standard. These remotes should work with Kodi out-of-the-box on Windows and Linux.
  • RF Remotes - Radio frequency remote controls, such as 2.4 GHz dongles and Bluetooth remotes. Most of these typically emulate a keyboard interface and/or standard multimedia keys.
  • Web interfaces - Web interfaces allow users to control and interact with their Kodi installation through a web browser. This can be used for a remote control, library management, visual feedback, and many other things.

More Information

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