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1 Release history

This is a release history with condensed changelogs for the most important added or removed notable new features, functions, and changed in each stable version of XBMC.

Red Old releases
Green Current release
Blue Future releases
Version Release date Codename Significant changes XBMC Live based on
1.0.0 29 June 2004 N/A N/A
1.1.0 18 October 2004 N/A
  • ITU H.261, creative labs yuv (cyuv), supermac cinepak (cvid), quicktime, on2 vp4, 3ivx d4 / 3vi1 mpeg-4 video support
  • Container support for nsa, raw audio in .mov, .ac3, .dts and dts-wav
  • Zoom/stretch options: zoom, stretch 4x3 or 14x9 or 16x9, original size, custom
  • Volume control
  • Tags parsing and display for wma, m4a, mp4 and aac (mpeg-4 audio) audio-files
  • International-language fonts for subtitles via ttf-fonts
  • Audio CD Ripper, backup cdda's to hdd in wav, ogg or mp3 (lame) format
  • Karaoke cdg-file and audio cue sheets (.cue) support
  • iIunes music shares via DAAP (network stream from Apple iTunes)
  • XBMC's xbmsp-client code updated to support "auto-discovery of xbmsp servers"
  • Auto-temperature and fan-speed control options
  • Network-configuration and setup via GUI
  • Emergency recovery console (enables the ftp-server during fatal errors)
  • Profiles for settings
  • Mouse support and virtual-keyboard
  • LCD-display output extended to also support xaddons lcd-mods and xecuter3 lcd
2.0.0 29 September 2006 N/A
  • Reworked skinning engine.
  • DVD-Video menu/navigation support (with ISO/IMG image parsing) through internally developed core
  • RAR/ZIP archive parsing
  • New audio/music-player (PAPlayer) with crossfade, gapless playback and ReplayGain support
  • Karaoke CDG-file display
  • Xored Trainer Engine (gaming-cheats) (not ported from Xbox)
  • XLink Kai (online-gaming) front-end (depreciated)
  • Added iTunes 6.x DAAP and UPnP-client
  • Read-only support for FAT12/16/32 formatted USB Mass Storage Devices up to 4GB in size
  • Brand new "skinnable" 3D visualizer.
8.10 15 November 2008 Atlantis
  • Cross platform support adding support for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows
  • Brand new High Definition skin “PM3.HD”
  • "XBMC Live" bootable CD with unified hard disk/USB flash disk installer
  • The XBMC profile
  • Integration of iTunes and iPhoto media (OS X exclusive).
Ubuntu 8.10
9.04 6 May 2009 Babylon
  • PPC (PowerPC) support for Mac OS X (PowerPC G4 or later)
  • VDPAU (Nvidia's Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix)
  • New Karaoke features
  • Officially dropped support for Xbox
  • Updated codecs and major bug-fixes for DVD-Video playback core
  • More Media Info Scrapers
  • Improved FanArt support
  • Revamped skinning engine
Ubuntu 9.04
9.11 24 December 2009 Camelot
  • Revamped user interface via the new default skin “Confluence“
  • DirectX support by default for the Windows platform
  • A complete reorganization of the settings menus uniformed across skins
  • Automatic video information extraction
  • Out of the box support for new remotes
  • Smoother video playback performance
  • All scrapers updated
  • Increased subtitle and Karaoke lyric support
  • Support for CoreAudio API (OS X exclusive)
  • AC3 and DTS digital audio pass-through to SP/DIF on Apple TV (thanks to CoreAudio)
Ubuntu 9.10
18 December 2010 Dharma
  • Unified Addon framework
  • Addon Browser GUI for installation and management of third-party addons, skin, and scripts
  • Team XBMC's official Addons Repository with Addon FanArt support
  • Update Notifications
  • Movie Sets (option to group movie collections)
  • WebM/VP8 codec
  • Gesture support to XBMC's GUI Engine
  • Unencrypted Blu-ray Disc support
  • Broadcom Crystal HD video acceleration support (All Platforms)
  • Windows Touch API support (Windows 7 touch features and functions)
  • DXVA 2.0 (DirectX Video Acceleration) (Windows Vista/7 exclusive)
  • WASAPI (Windows Audio Session API) for raw bitstream output (Windows Vista/7 exclusive)
  • High-Quality Bicubic and Lanczos Upscalers (Video Resamplers) as Direct3D HLSL (Windows Vista/7 exclusive) and OpenGL GLSL Shaders
  • Direct3D port of the OpenGL Spectrum 3D Audio Visualization for DirectX (Windows Vista/7 exclusive)
  • AVisual Studio 2010 Express edition and Visual Studio 2010 non-Express edition support (Windows Vista/7 exclusive)
  • ARM processor architecture (Linux exclusive)
  • VAAPI (Video Acceleration API) support (Linux exclusive)
  • OpenMAX Video Acceleration support (Linux exclusive)
  • NEON (ARM) Video Acceleration support (Linux exclusive)
  • Apple VDADecoder Video Acceleration support (OS X exclusive requires Snow Leopard and NVIDIA 9400 or later)
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 compliance
  • Microhttpd Web Server replaces old GoAhead and Spyce code
  • SSH file transfer protocol (sftp) via libssh
  • MySQL database backend
Ubuntu 10.04
11.0 24 March 2012 Eden
  • iOS port for Apple TV 2G, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad
  • Dirty regions rendering for texture support to skinning engine
  • Efficiency improvements to reduce high cpu/gpu usage
  • Default skin changed to a horizontal home layout
  • New RenderCapture type to the Python script framework
  • Combined Files and Library mode for videos
  • Playback of ISO image files for Blu-ray Disc support
  • Slingbox playback over the network support
  • Peripheral manager controller under settings
  • Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) support for HDMI
  • Improved Apple VDADecoder Video Acceleration support
  • Improved Touch / Gesture API and Mouse support
  • Improved ARM processor architecture support
  • Improved OpenMAX Video Decoding Acceleration support
  • Improved OpenGL ES and EGL support
  • Improved JSON-RPC API compliant with JSON-RPC 2.0 specs
  • Improved VDPAU performance
  • VDPAU HQ Upscaling support (require NVIDIA's capable GPU)
  • H.264 accelerated video decoding via Apple's VideoToolBox API
  • JPEG accelerated video decoding via Apple's VideoToolBox API
  • Added basic DRC (Dynamic Range Compression) volume limiter
  • AirPlay/AirTunes target support
  • Extended Addons API adding extension points for Service Addons
  • Ability for all addons to provide their own web interface
  • Removed native weather forecast scraper, use weather add-ons instead
  • Added support for multiple simultaneous HID device mappings
  • FFmpeg upgraded (libavformat and libavcodec)
Lubuntu 11.10
29 January 2013 Frodo
  • Added unified Live TV and PVR frontend with a common EPG and DVR (Digital Video Recording) client GUI
  • Added unified PVR backend framework and API for multiple PVR backend software from third-parties
  • Initial Android (operating system) port with multi-architecture platform support
  • Initial BSD (operating system) port for FreeBSD, PC-BSD, and other similar BSD platforms
  • Added unified "AudioEngine" audio abstraction framework with an API and platform sinks
  • Added dedicated AMLPlayer video player for hardware accelerated video decoding on Amlogic
  • Added dedicated OMXPlayer video player for hardware accelerated video decoding via OpenMAX IL API
  • NEON (Advanced SIMD instruction set) CPU acceleration support for the ARM architecture
  • Improved ARM processor architecture (Pivos XIOS DS and Raspberry Pi as reference devices)
  • Improved OpenGL ES and EGL support (Pivos XIOS DS and Raspberry Pi as reference devices)
  • Added ability to run a split display resolution for GUI and video playback on embedded platforms[1]
  • Enabled Dirty Regions rendering to redraw whole screen on single dirty region by default on all platforms[2][3]
  • Added 64-bit build support Mac OS X to match the existing 64-bit support for Linux
  • Improved CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) support for Pulse-Eight's LibCEC
  • Library customization that allows for custom video nodes
  • Added Advanced Library Filtering for Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos, and Music views
  • Improved Smart Playlist for Advanced Library Filtering
  • Added custom video library tags for Movies, TV Shows and Music Videos to simplify sets with scraping
  • Added support for both banner and poster video art types simultaneously[4]
  • Added storing of "Episode ID" for First Aired, DVD Episode Number, and Absolute Number sort order
  • Added support for exporting video art as JPG or PNG rather than TBN file extension
  • Switched to TagLib for reading metadata embedded into audio files
  • Better library database handling for faster browsing
  • Improved image and texture caching for GUI speedup
  • Improved Touch / Gesture API support for touchscreen interfaces
  • Added HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) and M3U8 (Extended M3U) playlist support
  • Added WebSocket support for JSON-RPC and to Addons API[5]
  • Added image transformation handler for resizing images on-the-fly over JSON-RPC and WebServer API
  • Added basic support for PVR / EPG extensions and notifications over the JSON-RPC API
  • Added SmartPlaylist Extensions and Extended Filtering in JSON-RPC[6]
  • Added support for screensavers written in Python programming language
  • Added ability to extend XBMC's native Python API by writing C++ code generated via Groovy and SWIG
  • Blu-ray Disc HDMV menu support (but not BD-J / BD-Live menus)[7]
  • Improved deinterlacing "Weave" method for playback of interlaced video when upscaling
  • Improved performance of the default Web Interface (complete rewrite of JavaScript loading)
  • Improved AirPlay / AirTunes target support
  • Improved the Audio-CD ripper that now works as a background task job
  • Improved international language file translations system that are powered by Transifex[8]
  • Added a Test Suite based on Google C++ Testing Framework to make regression testing easier
  • Added support controlling external XBMC and third-party UPnP/DLNA instances over UPnP
  • Upgraded Plutinosoft's Platinum (libplatinum) UPnP and DNLA libraries
  • Upgraded FFmpeg's libavcodec and libavformat audio/video cedec and demuxer libraries
  • Removed the old HTTP API in favour of the new JSON-RPC API
Lubuntu 12.10
13.0 2014? Gotham
Emblem-important-yellow.png NOTICE:
Gotham final has not been released yet. As such, this condensed changelog is for the current XBMC mainline which is a work in progress, and many things are subject to change.
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