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Audio Table of Contents
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1 Outline

PulseAudio Sink in Gotham

In the past XBMC had immense problems with users not getting Audio, because they had a full blown Ubuntu Desktop environment together with PulseAudio installed. PulseAudio blocked the specific device and Audio Playback only worked reliably when using the virtual pulse device. Our workaround for those users was to uninstall pulseaudio. This broke complete Desktop Audio for these users. We wanted this situation to change with XBMC Gotham releases.

2 Introduction

This Sink automatically detects if PulseAudio is running and so assumes that the User, which installed PA and uses PA, also wants to use it. This PulseAudio Sink is also able to do AC3, DTS and EAC3 passthrough. Alternatively it can be configured to be a 7.1 or 5.1 output device. This is an exclusive OR. PulseAudio only provides AC3, DTS, EAC3 when it is configured to run with 2 channels (which is the default on every Desktop).

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