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Pulse-Eight Limited
Industry Computer hardware
Founded 2010
Products Remote Controls
Website www.pulse-eight.com

Pulse-Eight Limited (Pulse-Eight) is a hardware designer and manufacturer based in the United Kingdom producing consumer electronics for the home entertainment, as well as for hotel industry and system integration.[1] Pulse-Eight sells both custom and commercial off-the-shelf hardware solutions primarly designed for XBMC Media Center software, such as remote controls, HTPC systems and accessories.[2][3][4]

Hardware products

Pulse-Eight's major product line is a remote control, dubbed "Nyxboard Hybrid", made by Motorola designed specifically for use within XBMC[5][6], a custom HTPC set-top-box pre-installed with XBMC that they call "PulseBox"[7][8], and a USB and HDMI CEC Adapter designed in-house[9] with additional smaller lines utilising components from ZOTAC

Software products

Pulse-Eight also offers free performance tuned embedded versions of XBMC that they call "Pulse" which is based on OpenELEC that is meant to be used on your dedicated HTPC system.[10][11][12][13]

Relationship with XBMC

Pulse-Eight was founded by members of the XBMC Media Center staff with the intention of donating a portion of sales to the foundation.

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