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1 About My Pictures

My Pictures is an easy way to view your pictures. It allows you to view them as a slideshow with nice transition effects and even allows you to listen to your music while viewing your slideshow.
For a complete list of supported picture/image formats see:

2 Picture Control

Once a Picture is selected / displayed, you can rotate it with the Btn y.png or Select on the remote.
Black (Info on remote) will toggle information on the picture being displayed (dimensions in pixels, filename and order in slideshow).
The right and left triggers (Skip+/- on remote) will go to the next / previous picture in the Slideshow.

2.1 Zooming in/out on Pictures


This can be performed while viewing individual pictures or in a slideshow. While viewing press Btn a.png to zoom in on controller or 0–9 on remote. To zoom out press Btn x.png on controller or 0–9 on remote. Each successive press will zoom you in or out further by 1x (from 1x to 10x). While zoomed you can use the left thumbstick on controller or arrow buttons on remote to scroll the edges of the picture.
NOTE: If done during a slideshow, it will pause it until you stop pressing a button. If you are zoomed in during a slideshow and the picture changes it will not keep those setting from one picture to another.

3 SlideShow

The SlideShow function will start a sequential slideshow of all the pictures in the current folder with some nice transition effects. You can enable/disable the transition effects in My Pictures Settings.

3.1 Recursive SlideShow (R. SlideShow)

This option will display a slideshow using all images in the current folder and all of its subfolders.

3.2 Randomize

When selected, XBMC will display the slideshow in a random order.

3.3 Playing Music with your SlideShow

In order to play music with your slideshow, simply start a music source (playlist, song, etc} and then start the slideshow. The music will play in the background.

4 Using Bookmarks in Pictures

See main article: Bookmarks

Bookmarks are an important aspect of Pictures. Setting bookmarks allows you to easily access your pictures.
XBMC gives you the ability to bookmark media that is:

  • On your computer or a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device/system, which supports SMB file sharing
  • Stored directly on the hard drive of your Xbox
  • On CDs/DVDs in the Xbox DVD drive

5 Comics

CBZ and CBR are comic book archive files, they are pictures/image stored in CBZ (a renamed ZIP-archive) or CBR (a renamed RAR-archive) format. CBZ and CBR comic book archives are automatically parsed by XBMC (as long as the image-format is supported) so that you can view/read, browse and zoom the pictures it contains.

You can create comic book archives yourself on your computer: Your images should use a compressed format such as JPEG or PNG. Then the easiest way is to copy all images into an new folder, name them properly, ZIP/RAR the folder, and rename it to *.cbz respectively *.cbr extension. Though not required, you should configure your ZIP/RAR tool to not compress the files, instead only use the "store" option, (this hardly increases the size of the final archive, but speeds up opening the archive a lot). Note that the preferred comic book archive is CBZ (ie. ZIP) simple because ZIP tools (and libraries for those who which to create comic book archive readers themself) are more readily available.

6 Thumbnails

See main article: Thumbnails

A thumbnail will automatically be created for each picture when you enter a share or folder containing pictures under My Pictures. This process runs in the background and does not affect normal usage.