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You can use the ActivateWindow() Built In Function to open a certain Window.

This command can be assigned to a button in a skin or mapped to a key in your Keymap.


  • This will take you directly to the settings section/window of xbmc:

Some windows allow you to jump directly to a sub-section of that window. To do this, you can use either the sub-section's name or its path.


  • If you want a button in your skin or on your remote to take you directly to the movie listing, you let that button do:



Below is a list of the available sub-sections in the Videos, Music, and Programs sections/windows.

1 Videos

Sub-section Name Path
Root library://video/
Movies videodb://movies/
MovieGenres videodb://movies/genres/
MovieTitles videodb://movies/titles/
MovieYears videodb://movies/years/
MovieActors videodb://movies/actors/
MovieDirectors videodb://movies/directors/
MovieStudios videodb://movies/studios/
MovieSets videodb://movies/sets/
MovieCountries videodb://movies/countries/
MovieTags videodb://movies/tags/
RecentlyAddedMovies videodb://recentlyaddedmovies/
TvShows videodb://tvshows/
TvShowGenres videodb://tvshows/genres/
TvShowTitles videodb://tvshows/titles/
TvShowYears videodb://tvshows/years/
TvShowActors videodb://tvshows/actors/
TvShowStudios videodb://tvshows/studios/
RecentlyAddedEpisodes videodb://recentlyaddedepisodes/
InProgressTvShows videodb://inprogresstvshows
MusicVideos videodb://musicvideos/
MusicVideoGenres videodb://musicvideos/genres/
MusicVideoTitles videodb://musicvideos/titles/
MusicVideoYears videodb://musicvideos/years/
MusicVideoArtists videodb://musicvideos/artists/
MusicVideoAlbums videodb://musicvideos/albums/
MusicVideoDirectors videodb://musicvideos/directors/
MusicVideoStudios videodb://musicvideos/studios/
RecentlyAddedMusicVideos videodb://recentlyaddedmusicvideos/
Playlists special://videoplaylists/
Video Add-ons addons://sources/video/
Files sources://video/

2 Music

Sub-section Name Path
Root library://music/
Genres musicdb://genres/
Artists musicdb://artists/
Albums musicdb://albums/
Song musicdb://songs/
Top100 musicdb://top100/
Top100Songs musicdb://top100/songs/
Top100Albums musicdb://top100/albums/
RecentlyAddedAlbums musicdb://recentlyaddedalbums/
RecentlyPlayedAlbums musicdb://recentlyplayedalbums/
Compilations musicdb://compilations/
Years musicdb://years/
Singles musicdb://singles/
Files sources://music/
Playlists special://musicplaylists/
Music Add-ons addons://sources/audio/

3 Programs

Sub-section Name Path
Addons addons://sources/executable/
AndroidApps androidapp://sources/apps/

4 AddonBrowser

Sub-section Name Path
My add-ons addons://user/<type>/ (see for available types
Update available addons://outdated/
Currently downloading add-ons addons://downloading/
Recently updated addons://recently_updated/
Install from repository addons://repos/
Install from zip addons://install/
Search addons://search/


There are different PVR windows, one for every PVR content type (channels, recordings, timers, timer rules, search) not a single PVR window with sub sections denoting the different content types.

Currently, most PVR windows cannot be activated using user supplied paths. Support for more windows may be added in the future.

will open the TV recordings window prepoulated with the recordings contained in directory FooDirectory.
Window Name Path Notes
TVRecordings pvr://recordings/tv/active/DIRECTORY/ Replace DIRECTORY with the name of the recording directory to display
RadioRecordings pvr://recordings/radio/active/DIRECTORY/ Replace DIRECTORY with the name of the recording directory to display

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