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Kore, Official Remote for Kodi
Kore Artwork Concept 2.png
Developer Team Kodi
OS Android 4.0.3 and newer
Website [1]

Kore, the Official Remote for Kodi is a full featured, easy to use remote for Kodi/XBMC that lets you control your media center from your Android device.

Kore is available on the Play Store, on F-Droid and directly here.

1 Main Features

  • Control your media center with an easy to use remote;
  • See what’s currently playing, including relevant information about it (movies, TV shows, music, pictures, files and addons);
  • View and manage the current playlist;
  • Change and sync subtitles and audiostreams;
  • View your media library, with details about movies, TV shows, music and addons;
  • Control Kodi's volume with the hardware keys;
  • Works with Kodi and XBMC (Frodo and Gotham);
  • Nice and easy to use interface, with multiple themes.

2 Support forum/FAQ

If you need help, check the FAQ or visit the forum.

3 Beta testing

We've setup a Beta test program, that will receive Beta versions of Kore. Beta testing uses Google's testing infrastructure, so to join the program you'll have to:

  • Join Kodi's Google+ Community;
  • Visit this page and click the Become a tester button. To leave the Beta testing program, return to that page and choose the option Leave the test;
  • Go to the Play Store to update to the latest Beta version.

Please report any bugs you find on this forum, not on the Google+ community.

4 Source code

Kore's source code is available on GitHub. Feel free to check it out and contribute.

5 Screenshots

6 Manual

For manual how to add hosts and further instructions please visit: Kore Manual