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1 Referenced Pages and Further Reading

2 Introduction

Kodi (formerly known as XBMC) is open source media centre software, whose code is freely available for anyone to download, inspect, compile and fork. Because of this, proper usage of our brand name and trademarks are essential to inform users whether or not the product or service that they have or are using is recognised by and has the approval of the XBMC Foundation.

This document and its accompanying pages outline how our trademarks may and may not be used, and when approval for usage must be sought from the Foundation board. Usage of Kodi trademarks must only be done in accordance with this policy. A non-exhaustive list of the trademarks covered by this policy can be found here.

The overall aims of this policy are to:

  • Make it clear and unambiguous whether a given product or service is provided by, supported by and/or approved by the XBMC Foundation.
  • Maintaining our XBMC Foundation Marks as a reliable indicator of source, quality and security of the Kodi brand and codebase.
  • Permit and encourage our wider community, including developers, software distributors and others who collaborate with us to promote and discuss Kodi and to accurately describe their affiliation to us.

Underlying this policy are the general laws and definitions of trademarks. Above all else, if there is any doubt or requirement for clarification, if you wish to report a trademark being abused or misused, or if you wish to discuss your usage case with us then please contact us at [email protected] .

3 Distribution of Kodi Software

The requirements for providing and distribution software based on the Kodi codebase is detailed in our Distribution Policy.

4 Third Party Addons and Related Software