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= GDPR =
= General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) =
'''What personal data does the Kodi forum keep in the database?'''<br>
'''What personal data does the Kodi forum keep in the database?'''<br>

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

What personal data does the Kodi forum keep in the database?

  • Usernames
  • Email address
  • IP addresses
  • Profile data
  • Posts
  • PM's
  • Avatars

Is my personal data safe?

  • Your Username, Posts and Avatar can all be seen by the public and search engines.
  • Your full profile data can only be seen by those with more than 10 posts.
  • Your IP addresses can only be seen by moderators and administrators.
  • Your Email address is only visible to administrators of the forum.
  • Your PM's are only seen by you and the person you send them to.
  • Your password is being stored using a salted hash in our database.
  • All communication to and from the forum happens over a secure connection (https).

Why is this data kept?
Without it there would be no members, no posts and no forum.
For example when you join and choose your location in your profile it is stored in the database, as is your posts, etc.
The whole forum is stored in one database on a server.

Will the Kodi forum do anything with my data?
No, we will never give access or sell it to anyone.

Can I delete my account and be forgotten?
Upon request, all your personal data will be removed. Any posts you have made on the forum will not be deleted.

Tracking and Analytics
The Kodi forum does not track your movements to or from other websites, or use any third-party tracking tools.
Google Analytics is used by the Kodi forum but no personal information is gathered.

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