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2 Introduction

There are four main ways that 3rd parties may wish to distribute a product based on our reference Kodi codebase:

  • by redistribution of our unaltered reference binaries including their installation packages.
  • by distributing forked or otherwise altered compiled binaries, with or without an installer.
  • as part of a packaged distribution within a dedicated operating system framework.
  • by forking and rebranding the software (either stand-alone or as part of a packaged distribution).

2.1 Redistribution of Our Unaltered Reference Binaries

This is allowed, including usage of our related trademarks, wordmarks and logos, without requiring further permission from the XBMC Foundation, subject to the following comments and caveats:

  • The download offered must be unaltered and complete in comparison to our official reference binaries, including their installation packages.
  • Any relevant local laws and restrictions will apply.
  • No fee or other remuneration may be charged for the distribution, nor may distribution be linked to the purchase of any subscription or service.
  • By default the latest stable release version should be offered, although other versions may be offered as long as it is explicitly clear which version a given download link will supply.
  • The collection and storage of any personal information relating to the distribution is not allowed.

Our preferred method of such distribution is via links back to the official download area of our main website and the packages available therein.