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Create Video Libraries
1. The Basics
2. Source Folder
3. Movie Setup
4a. TV Show Setup
4b. Seasons Setup
4c. Episodes Setup
5. Music Videos Setup
6. Add Source & Scrape
7. Scraping Problems
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These pages describe the Kodi Best Practice methods for the most reliable scraping process


Kodi has the ability to create separate Movie, TV Show and Music Video libraries that can display your collections in an Artwork and information rich display. Follow these pages to step through the creation of your libraries.

Ensure you create the correct setup from the start or you will end up wasting time down the track trying to figure out why nothing works for you.

A quick lesson in terminology that is used throughout the wiki:

  • Metadata- All the information about your movies and TV shows- eg, actors, directors, plot etc
  • Scanning- The process used to search for your media to add to the library. If NFO files and local artwork are found, these are scanned into the library
  • Scraping- The process of matching and downloading metadata and artwork, from online sites, for your movies and TV shows
  • Information provider site (aka Scraper site)- The sites Kodi contacts to search for, and download the artwork and metadata
  • Scraper- The add-on that searches the online sites for metadata and artwork

Things you need to know about scraping:

  • Kodi obtains artwork and metadata from third-party sites that Kodi has no control over. As these sites are outside the control of Kodi, it is important that your video files and folders are named correctly to ensure an accurate match with the listings at the scraper sites.
  • If a movie or TV show does not exist at the scraper site, then Kodi cannot scrape it. If you have problems scraping always check the entry at the scraper site first
  • As the information provider sites are maintained by a small volunteer community, which provides this service at no cost, it is strongly encouraged that Kodi users contribute back to those sites when discovering errors and omissions in the information.
  • For a full list of metadata downloaded by the scraper and how to create NFO files see NFO Files
  • For a full list of artwork that can be used by Kodi see Artwork

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In order for the media scrapers to pick up the correct information your file names must follow a certain format:

Supplemental tools

Here are some supplemental tools/applications that can assist in renaming files, general file organization, manual data entry, and more: