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{{Video setup quick links}}
{{mininav|[[Video library]]|[[Video management|Management]]}}
<section begin=naming files/>{{greenv|Important:|'''THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP TO A SUCCESSFUL LIBRARY SCAN!'''}}

<section begin="intro" />In order for the media scrapers to pick up the correct information your file names must follow a certain format<section end="intro" />:
* '''[[Naming video files/Movies|Movie naming conventions]]'''
* '''[[Naming video files/TV shows|TV show naming conventions]]'''
* '''[[Naming video files/Music videos|Music video naming conventions]]'''
----<section end=naming files/>
== Supplemental tools ==
{{main|Supplemental tools}}
To help with mass file renaming and organizing, see '''[[supplemental tools]]''' for programs that can help automate these tasks, or do them in bulk.
[[Category:Video library]]

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