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The add-on's development repository is Git-based and hosted on GitHub. There you will find instructions how to compile it from source code and the issue tracker.

1 Build instructions

When building the addon, you have to use the correct branch (List of Git branches in pvr.mythtv) for the version of Kodi you're building against. For example, if you're building the master branch of Kodi, you should checkout the master branch of this repository. Also, make sure you are following this README file from the branch in question.

1.1 Linux environments

git clone --branch master --depth=1
git clone --branch Nexus && cd ./pvr.mythtv
mkdir build && cd ./build
-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH="../../xbmc/addons" -DPACKAGE_ZIP:BOOL="ON" "-GUnix Makefiles" ../../xbmc/cmake/addons
make -j$(nproc)

The add-on files will be placed in ../../xbmc/kodi-build/addons, so if you build Kodi from source and run it directly, the add-on will be available as a system add-on.

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