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Movie artwork are images directly related to a movie, preferably of high quality that are displayed when viewing the movie entry in the library. The artwork support in Kodi's video library is very flexible and able to display many types of artwork depending on the skin in use.

1 Scanning & Scraping

v18 introduces an experimental feature that will auto-load extended artwork without the use of additional add-ons. It is considered an advanced feature. Usage and practicality of this feature are being monitored and may change in later releases.

In the Movie Library, artwork was traditionally described as follows:

Basic Artwork Extended Artwork
fanart poster banner clearart clearlogo discart fanartxx (extrafanart) keyart landscape

Basic artwork requires no special setup as it has always been natively scanned and scraped by Kodi

Extended artwork required the use of additional add-ons in previous versions. Artwork Downloader (now defunct) was used. More recently Artwork Beef is used.

Users now have the option of allowing Kodi to load all artwork without add-ons. To use this feature...

1. Add the below code to the advancedsettings.xml file, ensuring you do not duplicate any tags if they already exist... eg <advancedsettings></advancedsettings>, <videolibrary></videolibrary>
2. Install the Universal Movie Scraper and adjust the settings to enable scraping of Extended artwork as they are disabled by default. (see image below code box)
3. Restart Kodi and scan or scrape movies as per usual.
Note: The code box below adds common extended artwork that most skins will utilise. It is your choice which extended artwork you add. If you add additional to that shown, ensure the skin has support to display it.
         <arttype>fanart1</arttype> <!-- Multiple fanart -->
         <arttype>fanart2</arttype> <!-- Add as many as required. -->

Note: There is no requirement to use this method. If you find this too complicated, then continue to use Artwork Beef to load extended artwork into Kodi

2 Local Artwork

Local movie artwork is saved in the same folder where the movie file is saved.

The default file name for movie artwork is <movie file name>-<arttype>.<ext> - see image below. (does not apply to DVD and Bluray folders)

There is also a short name <arttype>.<ext> that can be used. Short artwork names can be used and are scanned only when the following conditions are met...

  1. Movie Folders are used
  2. Movies are in separate folders that match the movie title must be Enabled in the Set Content Screen
  3. No corresponding artwork with long format names are present in that movie folder, as these take priority.

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