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What are media flags?

Media Flags are icons at XBMC that displays the meta-information from the media file of a movie, TV show or music title.

Where does XBMC get the Information for media flags?

XBMC tries to read the meta information from the media file, after it was added to the Library. This meta information can be queried by the built-in InfoLabels in order to display it in the skin.
Example-code for a resolution-flag in Confluence:

		<control type="image">
	            <description>Video rez Image</description>
		    <aspectratio align="right">keep</aspectratio>

Video flags

The category video flags provides images for the following properties:

Resolution Format Aspect ratio
480.png 1080.png 720.png 1080 n.png 480-1.png ... Divx.png Xvid.png H264.png Bluray.png Dvd.png Avc1.png ... 1.33.png 1.66.png 2.20.png 2.35.png ...
Note: What exact kind of video flag is provided depends on the skin you are using!

Audio flags

The category audio flags provides images for the following properties: e.g.

Channels Formats
1.png 2.png 6.png 8.png 10.png ... Aac.png Ac3.png Mp3.png Flac.png Dts.png Dtshd ma.png Truehd.png Pcm bluray.png Cdda.png ...
Note: What exact kind of audio flag is provided depends on the skin you are using!

Media source

Most skins have flags for the video source of a media file. This information are obtained from the the filename or the directory name.

Media can be flagged with following media source flags for Confluence (XBMC's default skin):

Add-on:Confluence/Settings/Media flags

As an alternative you can set your folder structure to fit the keywords above:

  • C:\Videos\DVDR\Movie1... on Windows
  • /mnt/dev1/videos/bluray/movie1 on Linux
Note: What exact kind of source flag is provided depends on the skin you are using and its naming convention!

Custom flags

Most skins also have the ability to show media flags from InfoLabels that come not from the media file itself. These pieces of information are provided by the scraper that was used to scan the file to the library and can be:

  • Movie Studio: WarnerBros., 20th Century Fox, Universal ...
  • TV Channel/Network: HBO, ABC, FOX ...
  • Rating: MPAA, FSK, UK-Rating ...

Special notes

  • Some file types (e.g. .iso) have to be played one time, before the media flags appear in the database
  • You can change the kind of media flag regardless of the file by editing the table streamdetails in the XBMC database

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