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Someone has asked you for a debug log (aka log file, XBMC.log, etc). This is what they want you to do:

1 Download the Debug log uploader add-on:
Inside of XBMC go into Programs → Get more... → XBMC Log Uploader and click on "Install"
2 Turn debugging on:
Inside of XBMC go into Settings → System → Debugging and turn on Enable debug logging. You will see some weird text pop up on the screen.
3 Restart XBMC:
so that the log file records important startup information.
4 Reproduce whatever issue/bug you are reporting on.
If a bug happened when you played a movie, play a movie. If something weird popped up on the screen when you went into an add-on, go into that add-on. Etc. If the issue doesn't require action (the problem happens when you open XBMC, etc) then go to the next step.
5 If you use passwords or logins in add-ons:
You will probably need to edit your log before you upload it. Don't use the rest of the steps here and instead see here for further instructions.
6 Upload your debug log:
From XBMC's home screen, go into Programs → XBMC Log Uploader, enter your e-mail address (if you haven't used the add-on before) and press "Okay". Then it will ask you if you want to upload the debug log, press "Okay". You might also want to note the log ID number (4-5 digits) incase the e-mail doesn't go through.

If XBMC crashes:
Go into Programs and just highlight the XBMC Log Uploader entry (don't enter it). Then bring up the context menu (press C on a keyboard or info on some remotes) and select "Add-on settings". Then uncheck "Always skip XBMC.old.log (log from previous run)". Now it will upload the debug log of when XBMC crashed (the previous run).

7 Copy the URL
from the e-mail you get and paste it to the forum post or give it to whoever asked you for the debug log. Note: Never copy/paste the log file itself into a forum post. Just post the URL.
8 You're done
You can turn off debugging now.

1 Removing passwords

Template:Log file password warning

See Log file/Advanced#Location for how to locate the log file manually. Then just open that xbmc.log (or kodi.log) file in a text editor. If you do not see passwords in your log then you can keep using the instructions on this page for using the debug log uploader add-on. If you see passwords, remove them and then manually copy and paste the log onto a pastebin site, like http://xbmclogs.com or http://pastebin.com , and then give that URL to whoever you need to share your log with.

2 Alternative access

See: Log file/File manager access

3 More info

For more info about the debug log see Log file/Advanced.