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1 Instructions

Someone has asked you for a debug log (aka log file, kodi.log, etc). This is what they want you to do:

Note: This if for Krypton (v.17) and above and assumes that you are using the Estuary skin (default skin)

Provide FULL Logs only. No Partial logs or snippets

1 Download the Debug log uploader add-on:
From the Main menu, navigate to the menu item Add-ons & from the top of the Add-ons menu select Install from repository box, in the next page select Kodi Add-on repository → Program add-ons → Kodi Logfile Uploader then select Install
2 Turn debugging on:
From the Main menu, select Settings (gear icon at top of the menu) → System Settings → Logging and turn on Enable debug logging. You will see some weird text pop up on the screen.

Note: Sometimes you might be asked to enable additional debug logging "components", which is an option in this same Settings/System/Debugging area. If you were not asked to enable anything extra, then don't worry about those additional settings.

3 Restart Kodi:
so that the log file records important startup information.
4 Reproduce whatever issue/bug you are reporting on.
If a bug happened when you played a movie, play a movie. If something weird popped up on the screen when you went into an add-on, go into that add-on. Etc. If the issue doesn't require action (the problem happens when you open Kodi, etc) then go to the next step.
5 If you use passwords or logins in add-ons:
You will probably need to edit your log before you upload it. Don't use the rest of the steps here and instead see here for further instructions.
6 Upload your debug log:
On the Main menu, navigate to Add-ons → Program addons → Kodi Logfile Uploader and select it. Once the addon is finished uploading, it will show a message which includes the paste URL, it will be in this format https://paste.kodi.tv/########/, write this down and post it in the thread were it was asked for.

Note: If you don't get a window pop up with an ID number, then the paste site might be down and you might need to manually copy/paste your log file to http://pastebin.com instead. See Log file/Advanced#Location for how to locate the log file manually.

If Kodi crashes:
If your issue involves Kodi crashing then you need to do an additional step. From the Main menu, navigate to Add-ons then to Program add-ons → Kodi Logfile Uploader, but do NOT select it. Then bring up the context menu (press C on a keyboard or long press Enter/OK on a remote) and select Settings. Then check "Post the old logfile, from the previous time Kodi ran". If you're using Linux, OSX or iOS, also check the "Post the crashlog" option. Now it will upload the debug log of when Kodi crashed (the previous run) and optionally the crashlog as well.

7 Copy the URL
Note the URL you see in the popup and paste it to the forum post or give it to whoever asked you for the debug log. If Kodi had crashed during your log, be sure to include the URL for the "old log" (and crashlog) file. Note: Never copy/paste the log file itself into a forum post. Just post the URL.
8 You're done
You can turn off debugging now.

2 Removing passwords

Template:Log file password warning

See Log file/Advanced#Location for how to locate the log file manually. Then just open that xbmc.log (or kodi.log) file in a text editor. If you do not see passwords in your log then you can keep using the instructions on this page for using the debug log uploader add-on. If you see passwords, remove them and then manually copy and paste the log onto a pastebin site, like http://paste.kodi.tv , and then give that URL to whoever you need to share your log with. (or see Log file/Advanced#So what do I do with this thing?)

3 Kodi Is Unresponsive

If you cannot control Kodi, such as a remote control not working, or if Kodi crashes before you can upload a log with the log uploader add-on, or can otherwise have issues following these steps, then you will need to manually enable debug logging and manually paste/upload a log to a pastebin-type website.

For enabling logging see: Log file/Advanced#advancedsettings.xml

For manually locating the log file (xbmc.log or kodi.log) file see: Log file/Advanced#Location

Then finally, see Log file/Advanced#So what do I do with this thing? for how to paste it to a pastebin-type website

4 Uploading Using File Manager

See: Log file/File manager access

5 More info

For more info about the debug log see Log file/Advanced.