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This section covers topics and guides on how to configure Kodi, including Live TV with video recording (DVR/PVR) functions, internet content, and more. There are a couple of ways to configure Kodi so it can stream TV content, Since the introduction of XBMC(Kodi) v12 Frodo, Kodi now comes with a powerful integrated PVR (Personal Video Recording) which can connect to one of the many "backend" TV servers that are available. Another option is to use one of the many add-ons that are avaialble these are also listed below:

Kodi's integrated PVR

Additional Kodi addons

  • Add-on:TV Guide - An add-on that allows users to mix real TV guide sources (xml, etc) with streaming sources, including those from local TV tuners such as the HDHomerun.
  • Add-on:PseudoTV - Similar to the TvGuide add-on, but a bit more powerful and with more options. The main AIM of the add-on is to make "virutual" channels from your existing local content, but it can be used with real TV guide sources (xml, etc) and streaming sources, including those from local TV tuners such as HDHomerun.
  • VBox Home TV Gateway - A standalone TV router with advanced PVR recording capabilities that is fully integrated with Kodi bringing live TV and recordings to Kodi
  • HDHomeRun - A standalone network tuner that can be used in various ways with XBMC, including easy UPnP viewing, full PVR, etc.
  • Category:Video add-ons - Kodi has several add-ons that offer access to official TV sources, such as network websites and Hulu, for access to recent TV show content. While most of these are not "Live", some do provide live content.
  • Edit decision list - An edit decision list (EDL) contains information about edits that should be made to the video during playback. Edit decision list information is contained in a separate file to the video that is read by Kodi just before the video is played. Examples of use include can be to skip commercials, cut out content inappropriate for children, or skip over the half hour acid trip in 2001: A Space Odyssey .