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* Guide window: Tweaks for more consistency and readability <ref>https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/13402</ref>
* Guide window: Tweaks for more consistency and readability <ref>https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/13402</ref>
* Guide window: Sort content by channel number/channel name/last played, support sort order <ref>https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/14231</ref>
* Guide window: Sort content by channel number/channel name/last played, support sort order <ref>https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/14231</ref>
* OSD: PVR timeshift GUI v2 <ref>https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/14316</ref>
* OSD: Timeshift: Revised GUI <ref>https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/14316</ref><ref>https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/14386</ref>
* OSD: Timeshift: Add support for next and previous buttons<ref>https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/14387</ref>
* PVR-Addon API changes <ref>https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/12028</ref><ref>https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/12303</ref><ref>https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/12552</ref><ref>https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/12609</ref><ref>https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/12660</ref><ref>https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/12689</ref><ref>https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/12755</ref><ref>https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/13228</ref>
* PVR-Addon API changes <ref>https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/12028</ref><ref>https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/12303</ref><ref>https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/12552</ref><ref>https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/12609</ref><ref>https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/12660</ref><ref>https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/12689</ref><ref>https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/12755</ref><ref>https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/13228</ref>
* Added, updated, and improved PVR backend clients addons for all popular third-party external [[PVR backend]] platforms:
* Added, updated, and improved PVR backend clients addons for all popular third-party external [[PVR backend]] platforms:

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Emblem-important-yellow.png NOTICE:
Kodi's journey via non-alpha/beta v18 (Leia) releases is currently underway. As such, these new features/functions and API changes is a placeholder containing changes to the current Kodi mainline (the git master tree repository on GitHub). This is listing changes committed to the master branch after Krypton branching. The many features/functions and API additions, alterations or removal are only subject to change during the Alpha stages. The Beta stage is all about stability and bug fixing.
Incomplete.png INCOMPLETE:
This page or section is incomplete. Please add information or correct uncertain data which is marked with a ?
Future.png FUTURE Leia FEATURE:
This page or section describes features that are a future part of the Kodi v18 release, codename "Leia". For more information see development builds.

This is a placeholder and Kodi Wiki copy of the condensed changelog for the future Kodi v18.x version (codename: "Leia") releases with a summery of the most important core features and functions as well as other notable changes to key areas of the application software or its user interface.

1 Changelog

1.1 Gaming (Games interface and Game Clients)

  • Added a RetroPlayer player core supporting game clients as well as emulator cores via libretro API[1][2]
  • Added extentions to Kodi's Addons AP to support Game Client Addons, supporting Kodi's VFS (Virtual File System), etc.[1]
  • Added support for Game Client Addons as new type of addons with just-in-time emulator installation[1]
  • Added a Games window and Game OSD (On-Screen-Display) entries to the GUI[1][3]
  • Added a gaming and game configuration interface for Game settings to the GUI[1]
  • Added support for Game Info Tags (game info tag) and exposed properties to Python list items[1]
  • Added a savestate (savestate) manager to Kodi for games[4]
  • Added initial support for basic gameplay persistence (auto-save & auto-load)[5]
  • Added support for in-game (save RAM) saves[6]
  • Added support for Keyboard players via Joystick Emulation[1]
  • Added support for libretro API and game cores (emulators and games) that support it
  • Added game clients addons for many popular third-party game console emulators and native open source games *
  •  ?

1.2 Live TV and PVR (Personal Video Recorder)

  • Major GUI actions refactoring to eliminate duplicate and dead code. Add context menu support for Estuary PVR home screen widgets [7]
  • Guide window: Get rid of obsolete views "channel", "now" and "next" [8]
  • Core: Refactor and fix "play minimized" settings handling [9]
  • Guide, channel, video fullscreen, music visualisation window: Direct channel number input. [10]
  • Settings: Remove setting 'hide connection lost warning' [11]
  • Search dialog: Refactor and complete implementation of EPG search filter [12]
  • Timer settings dialog: Prefill recordings folder with timer title [13]
  • Recordings window: Content view filter [14]
  • Settings: Remove non-working recording settings defaults [15]
  • Guide window: 'Smart selection' of epg events. [16]
  • Channelgroup manager: Add support for radio channel groups [17]
  • Guide window: Add possibility to switch between horizontal and vertical epg grid view [18]
  • Search window: improvements and fixes [19]
  • Estuary home screen: Add Info support to recently played channel widget [20]
  • Estuary: Add episodename to live tv and recordings osd sub label, cleanup seek bar for live tv [21]
  • Estuary: PVR info dialog, recordings window: cleanup and extend [22]
  • Drop 'channel guide' button from epg event info dialog, add 'channel guide' to context menu [23]
  • Settings: Introduce new setting 'Startup action' and add 'Play TV/Radio [24]
  • Settings: Make 'epg.lingertime' an official setting, remove the respective advanced setting [25]
  • Setting: Remove obsolete and unused setting 'pvrplayback.scantime' [26]
  • Core: Fixes/Improvements for multiple enable PVR client addons [27]
  • Core: Fixes/Improvements for subchannel numbers support (ATSC) [28]
  • Core: Global direct channel number input & global unique channel numbers [29]
  • Database: Fix error "Abort due to constraint violation. Query: INSERT INTO channels..." [30]
  • Estuary: Rework PVR seekbar + Fix PVR info dialog [31]
  • Core: Make next/previous chapter work for PVR recordings [32]
  • Direct channel number input: No delay on switch to previous channel with key 0 [33]
  • Settings: Make shared channel selection optional [34]
  • Estuary: PVR info panel cleanup [35]
  • Guide window: 'Go to date' context menu item [36]
  • Estuary: Season/Episode info in Guide window and dialog [37]
  • Estuary: Add percent played progress bar to PVR info panel (for recordings) [38]
  • Guide window: Channel groups selector [39]
  • Guide window: Tweaks for more consistency and readability [40]
  • Guide window: Sort content by channel number/channel name/last played, support sort order [41]
  • OSD: Timeshift: Revised GUI [42][43]
  • OSD: Timeshift: Add support for next and previous buttons[44]
  • PVR-Addon API changes [45][46][47][48][49][50][51][52]
  • Added, updated, and improved PVR backend clients addons for all popular third-party external PVR backend platforms:
  •  ?

1.3 Add-ons Framework, API, and Manager

For full changelogs of all Addons APIs, see Leia API changes, JSON-RPC, and Add-ons Development Forums

1.4 GUI Engine (Skinning Engine)

For full changelog on changes to the skinning engine, see Leia API changes and the Skin Development Forum

  • Added windows to support Games and Game OSD in the new default skins (Estuary and Estouchy)
  • Added player process info dialog to Kodi's default skin (Estuary)[70]
  • Added support for addons to use banner and ClearLogo[71]
  • Added support for skins/gui to allow implicit container referencing for non-media windows[72]
  • Added support for addons to add "Enable/Disable" to context menu[73]
  • Added support for remember last used keyboard layout in GUI[74]
  • Added support for ISO 639-2/T language code retrieval (required by libbluray)[75]
  • Added window that display Kodi privacy policy in GUI settings under system info[76]
  • Added support to map a key to browse for subtitle in video fullscreen window[77]
  • Improved Kodi's GUI engine with optimizations for message handling and SmartRedraw[78]
  • Improved Kodi's GUI engine support for scaling container layouts[79]
  • Improved Kodi's GUI engine by allowing %-values for origin, camera and animation attribs[80]
  • Changed so that context menu reloading loads async to aviod GUI lockup on wait[81]
  • Updated guilib ABI (for libgui) to version 5.13.0[82]
  • Updated keyboard layout for some languages and added support Croatian, Slovenian, and Thai (Kedmanee)
  • Updated image resource addons (as example weather icons, weather fanart, studio logos, and genre icons)
  •  ?

1.5 Platform Independent Playback

1.6 General Library

  • Addded support to use the Favourites function in context menus[94]
  • Added support for context menus to favourites home screen widget[95]
  • Added support to "Sort By Date Added" in Music Video title node[96]

1.7 Music Library

  • Fix- The use of BAND and ENSEMBLE (Vorbis and APE) tags. [97]
  • Fix- Music library cleaning so not lock UI and cancel button works. [98]
  • Fix- Issue of replay gain not being applied if peak value was missing, and also removed the avoid clipping setting. [99][100]
  • Fix- Clean On Update which prevented scraping in some circumstances [101]
  • Fix- Missing * Item Folder entry when browsing for artist fanart from Artist Info Dialog [102]
  • Fix- Handling of duplicate MusicBrainzTrackID within the same album. Previous assumption was that the MusicBrainzTrackID is unique within the same album [103]
  • Fix- Sort names for artists that are only album artists [104]
  • Fix- Wrong playback order for smartplaylists, playlists and upnp [105]
  • Fix- Cancelling of music library export which continued in the background even after cancel button clicked on progress dialog [106]
  • Fix- Endless rescraping of unfound album [107]
  • Fix- Art type "thumb" was sometimes being added to a song with an empty URL, preventing artist fanart from being shown on playback of library items from file view. [108]
  • Improve- Handling of Cue Sheets [109]
  • Improve- Online scraping of additional artist and album information making better use of Musicbrainz IDs. [110][111]
  • Improve- On clean installs, change default song sort order to Track Number [112]
  • Improve- FileItem::IsSamePath for albums and artists to prevent false matches [113]
  • Improve- Album genre inconsistencies [114]
  • Improve- Avoid unnecessary db access by GUI when app processing GUI_MSG_UPDATE_ITEM messages [115]
  • Improve- Refactor Artist/Album Information Dialog [116]
  • Improve- Refactor Song Information Dialog [117]
  • Improve- Fetching local art for multi-folder albums (disc sets) [118]
  • Add- Option to rescan the music file tags for existing items in the library [119]
  • Add- Add processing of WRITER tag for ID3 v2, Vorbis and APE formats [120]
  • Add- Processing of ARTISTSORT (TSOP), ALBUMARTISTSORT (TS02) and COMPOSERSORT (TSOC) tags to provide a sort name for artists. [121]
  • Add- New dialog for selection of both artist and album scraper addons, and their settings.[122][123]
  • Add- Additional artist data that Musicbrainz provides: type (person, group, orchestra, choir etc.), gender, and disambiguation comments that help to differentiate artists with the same name [124]
  • Add- Artist Information Folder - a single location for artist artwork and nfo. This solves numerous issues related to artwork, artist data import and general folder and file structure [125]
  • Add- Extended Artwork support, making the local art that is picked up automatically on scan configurable. [126][127][128][129][130]
  • Add- Add option to prefer scraped album covers to embedded images [131]
  • Add- Filter music items by media source [132][133]

1.8 Web Scrapers

  • Added support for Python (script) based web scrapers for Kodi[134]
  • Refactored and updated many XML based scrapers in Kodi for music, movies, tv shows, and music videos
  • Updated music, movies, tv shows, and music video scrapers for Kodi
  •  ?

1.9 AudioEngine

  • Added a new Sndio sink for ActiveAE for BSD, other BSD Unix based systems, and Linux[135]
  • Improved the default cross-platform event driven active state machine pattern ActiveAE (Kodi's AudioEngine)
  • Improved ALSA sink for ActiveAE for Linux Desktop and generic Linux based Embedded Systems
  • Improved PulseAudio sink for ActiveAE for Linux Desktop
  • Improved OSS (Open Sound System) sink for ActiveAE for BSD, like FreeBSD and similar BSD Unix based systems
  • Improved AUDIOTRACK sink for ActiveAE for Amlogic
  • Improved Pi Audio sink for ActiveAE for Raspberry Pi
  • Improved DirectSound sink for ActiveAE for Windows
  • Improved WASAPI sink for ActiveAE for Windows
  • Improved CoreAudio sink for ActiveAE for (Mac) OS X and iOS
  • Improved Darwin sink for ActiveAE for (Mac) OS X and iOS
  • Renamed AE_SINK to KODI_AE_SINK
  •  ?

1.10 Other

  • Added a new unified setting for "Startup action" and added "Play TV/Radio"[136]
  • Added support to build Kodi with support for Bluetooth[137]
  • Added possibility for CMake build system to add additional libraries on install[138]
  • Updated and improved mappings for new and existing remote controls
  • Improved Kodi's JSON-RPC API
  • Improved compiling/building and code documentation (following doxygen coding guidelines)
  • Changed to use spdlog for Kodi logging as well as improved and further optimized logging (including debug logs)[139]
  • Changed XML format of setting values for Kodi's settings configuration[140]
  • Updated default web interface (webinterface is called "Chorus2" and is currently at version 2.4.4)[141]
  • Updated critical dependency libraries such as openssl, gnutls, and CMake (used to compile Kodi and its binary addons)
  • Removed last dependencies of SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) which was hardware abstraction for input devices[142][143]
  • Removed all glew (libglew library) dependencies in Kodi's code[144]
  •  ?

1.11 Android Specific

  • Added support for speech-to-text in Kodi OSD keyboard on Android TV (triggered by voice button on remote)
  • Added support for Android to move the Kodi app to SD card[145]
  • Added support for Android TV Leanback search and recommendations meta data from Kodi[146]
    • Default setting for Android TV Leanback suggestion to random unwatched movies and music albums[147]
  • Moved to Android NDK 16
  • Changed Rendertype from GUILayer to VideoLayer for Android MediaCodecSurface[148]
  • Changed to use NDK native C interface for Android MediaCodec (for performance gains)[149]
  • Changed to support ZeroConf via native Android API (and deprecates mDNSresponder)[150]
  • Changed to support network information via native Android API (and deprecates POSIX)[151]
  • Changed handling of Kodi's Java interfaces via JNI for better consistency[152]
  •  ?

1.12 BSD Specific

  • Improved Kodi support for BSD (operating system) on FreeBSD, PC-BSD, and other similar BSD platforms
  • Improved VAAPI (Video Acceleration API) support (requires VAAPI compatible hardware and drivers)
  • Improved VDPAU (NVIDIA) Hardware Video Acceleration (requires VDPAU compatible hardware and drivers)
  •  ?

1.13 Linux Specific

  • Added support for a generic DRM/KMS implementation using GBM to create required surfaces[153]
  • Added support for Mir windowing system (Mir 1.0) for Kodi[154] and added support for VAAPI on Mir using DRM[155]
  • Added support for the middle mouse button on embedded platforms[156]
  • Added support more yuv420p bitwidths for direct rendering on Linux[157]
  • Added support for using VAAPI hardware video decoding with OpenGL ES[158]
  • Added support for build Kodi with imx support using CMake[159]
  • Moved the CMake build system to the top of the code tree (moved to root)[160]
  • Improved support for UltraHD decoding / 4K resolution output when hardware supports it
  • Improved ARM processor architecture (using Raspberry Pi as reference device)
  • Improved OpenGL ES and EGL support (using Raspberry Pi as reference device)
  • Improved VAAPI (Video Acceleration API) support (requires VAAPI compatible hardware and drivers)
  • Improved VDPAU (NVIDIA) Hardware Video Acceleration (requires VDPAU compatible hardware and drivers)
  • Improved XvBA (AMD/ATI) Hardware Video Acceleration (requires XvBA compatible hardware and drivers)
  • Improved dedicated AMLCodec hardware accelerated video decoding support for Linux on Amlogic devices
  • Removed the unused and unmaintained OpenMAX video decoder from Kodi's VideoPlayer[161]
  • Removed support for autotools based build system for Kodi and binary addons (in favour of CMake)[162]
  •  ?

1.14 iOS Specific

  • Added support for iOS 10.0 by adding support for compiling Kodi with Xcode 8 IDE and iOS SDK 10.0[163]
  • Improved Apple VDADecoder Video Acceleration support for iOS (on iPad, iPhone, and iPod iDevices)
  • Improved support for TVOS (Apple's iOS fork for Apple TV 4) in Kodi mainline
  • Improved support for iOS on ARM64 (64-bit iOS)
  •  ?

1.15 OS X Specific

  • Added support for compiling Kodi with Xcode 8 IDE for OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) and macOS 10.12 (Sierra)
  • Improved Apple VDADecoder Video Acceleration support for (Mac) OS X
  •  ?

1.16 Windows Specific

  • Added support to build Kodi for Windows 64 / Windows for Intel 64-bit (x86-64)[164]
  • Added support for 3D LUT (3D Lookup Table) and dithering to Windows video renderer[165]
  • Improved support to compiling Kodi for Microsoft's UWP (Universal Windows Platform) APIs
  • Changed the inner working of render buffers and rendering methods[165]
  • Changed to using unicode win32 api methods[166]
  • Changed windowing systems for screen saver handling on Windows OS platforms
  • Changed to make Kodi for Windows platform independent of posix/main.cpp[167]
  • Removed support for Windows Vista as the operating-system is no longer supported by Microsoft[168]
  •  ?

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