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This is a Kodi Wiki copy of the condensed changelog for the v16.0 (Jarvis) version release with a summery of the most important core features and functions as well as other notable changes to key areas of the application software or its user-interface.

1 Changelog

1.1 Live TV and PVR (Personal Video Recorder)

  • Added support for handling RDS Radio signals via PVR and EPG frontend[1]
  • Added support for PVR addons to handle RDS radio signals in UECP and Rass formats[2]
  • Added FM Radio receiver based upon RTL-SDR as PVR Addon backend client[3]
  • Added support to PVR API for Scheduling Recordings of TV Shows (EPG based DVR Timers for "Series Recording")[4]
  • Added possibility for series recordings to Kodi's PVR API for improved DVR capabilities[4]
  • Added option for PVR clients and backends to add timeshift indicator to the Video OSD for Live TV
  • Added support to show channels without EPG data in PVR guide window[5]
  • Added 'Play recording' context menu option if an EPG entry has an associated (PVR) recording[6][7]
  • Added enhancement and impovements to the PVR API (example series/episode metadata, timer and recording status)
  • Updated Kodi's PVR Addon API version to 4.0.0 for Kodi v16 (Jarvis)[8][9][10]
  • Improved EPG association by broadcast ID[11]
  • Improved speedup reading EPG from database
  • Changed activations of PVR windows so they are only available if PVR is enabled[12]
  • Changed "Add timer" as renamed to "Record", and renamed "Add custom timer" to just "Add timer"[13]
  • Added, updated, and improved PVR backend clients addons for all popular third-party external PVR_recording_software platforms:

1.2 Add-ons Framework, API, and Manager

For full changelogs of all Addons APIs, see Jarvis API changes, JSON-RPC, and Add-ons Development Forums

  • Added support for allowing skins and resource addons to be activated via info dialog[14]
  • Added support for disabling auto-updates per addon from the info panel dialog[15]
  • Added automatic dependency handling for binary addons[1]
  • Improved add-on update and rollback support by adding ability to choose only a specific repo
  • Improved capabilities for downgrading of addons by supporting multiple versions in same repository[16]
  • Improved bootstrap buildsystem for binary addons to support arbitrary meta repositories[17]
  • Improved the ability to extend Kodi's native Python API by writing C++ code generated via Groovy and SWIG
  • Updated the Groovy (code generator) library to 2.4.4[18]
  • Moved some binary (RSXS) Screensavers and Audio Visualizations (Vis) to addons[2]
  • Moved the addon rollback feature to the update dialog and list all available versions there[19]

1.3 GUI Engine (Skinning Engine)

For full changelog on changes to the skinning engine, see Jarvis API changes and the Skin Development Forum

  • Updated GUI ABI version 15 as minimum setting any skin before Kodi 15.0 (Isengard) as incompatible[20][21]
  • Update guilib ABI (for libgui) to version 5.10.0[22]
  • Changed saving of skin settings which are now stored as separate files
  • Added support for Animated GIF images to loadable for any kind of textures, e.g. Posters and FanArt[23]
  • Added support for image resource addons (as example weather icons, weather fanart, studio logos, and genre icons)
  • Added support for sound resource addons (skin effect sounds for button clicks, transitions, etc.)[24]
  • Added new dialogs for managning and settings for digital sound processing addons (Audio DSP plugins)
  • Added new dialog to display RDS Radio information under PVR windows[25]
  • Added option for skinners to add a timeshift indicator to the Video OSD for Live TV
  • Added skinning support to enable editing of user-ratings from skins frontend[26]
  • Added support of <depth> tag for stereoscopic (3D) effect for controls to GUI engine for skins[27]
  • Added stereoscopic (3D) depth support for the Confluence skin[28]
  • Added the use of image resource addons for updating weather fanart images in Confluence[29]
  • Added 'Events' to the Confluence homescreen 'System' submenu[30]
  • Added EPG to search results window (add to PVR search results window in Confluence)[31]
  • Added new infolabel that can be used to display fanart for moviesets inside a movie set[3]
  • Added new infolabels that can display audio/subtitle properties for all available streams[4]
  • Added new infolabels for displaying user ratings[32]
  • Added support for skins to use a lightweight font[33]
  • Added toggle switch to visually mark dirty regions to help skinners optimize and troubleshoot skins[34]
  • Added support for sortby and sortorder attributes to the <content> element[5]
  • Added ability in guilib to visualize control hitrects when tagged[35]
  • Added option to conditionally include files to allow skinners to conditionally include a file
  • Added option for skins to show separate icons for empty and full DVD-ROM drives
  • Added support for specifying the image scaling algorithm for image resizing/caching[36]
  • Added new on-screen keyboard layouts for; Chinese, Korean, English QWERTZ, Czech QWERTZ and QWERTY[37][38]
  • Updated keyboard layout for some languages and added a new keyboard layouts for a few languages
  • Improved default quality setting of image scaling algorithm for image resizing/caching[39]
  • Improved skinning PVR section by reduceing amount of dialogs and simplify skinning Live TV and EPG windows[40]
  • Improved skin reloading in case theme/color/font is not default[41]
  • Improved touch and gesture support for all platforms, and also improved the default touch screen skin (Re-Touched)
  • Removed skin XML files for Karaoke support as the feature has been removed from Kodi's core[42]
  • Removed native TvTunes support from Confluence since they changed into a paid-only service[43]

1.4 Platform Independent Playback

  • Added support for lossless software decode of DTS-HD tracks/streams in videos using libdcadec[6]
  • Added support to utilize pixel aspect ratio from SAR (Storage Aspect Ratio) tags in MKV containers[44]
  • Improved Stereoscopic 3D playback with video playlist switching when playlists have 2D and 3D videos
  • Improved and enhanced Blu-ray support (including updated libbluray dependecies)[7][8]
  • Upgraded FFmpeg multimedia codec and demux libraries to stable branch release version FFmpeg 2.8.5[45][46]
  • Removed certain audio codecs from core and made them into audio decoder and audio encoder add-ons

1.5 Library

  • Unified the music library and files view (similar to how its done in video library already)[47]
  • Added option for for user ratings of video items and editing userratings from the GUI frontend[48][49]
  • Added support for set overview (plot) in movie sets in the video library[50]
  • Added setting for to not group movies into a movie set in the video library if it contains a single item[51]
  • Added event logging which among others shows which files did not get added to library
  • Added genre to television series episode view in the video library[52]
  • Added support for Audio and Subtitle Track Count to Smart Playlist selections in the video library[53]
  • Added support to sort by top albums by play count in the music library[54]
  • Added support for sorting dynamic directory listings from content[55]
  • Added a FFmpeg tag loader that can read additional metadata from more media containers[56]
  • Added support to use the new FFmpeg tag loader for reading tags from .DSP files[57]
  • Added support to use the new FFmpeg tag loader for reading tags from .MKA files[58]
  • Added support for the MusicBrainz "ARTISTS" tag in id3v2, ape, xiph for music files
  • Added ability to fetch season year from video database based on first aired episode

1.6 Web Scrapers

  • Updated music, movies, tv shows, and music video scrapers for Kodi

1.7 AudioEngine

  • Added initial support for Audio DSP (Digital Signal Processing) plugins and addons for Kodi's AudioEngine[9]
  • Improved the default cross-platform event driven active state machine pattern ActiveAE (Kodi's AudioEngine)
  • Improved ALSA sink for ActiveAE for Linux Desktop and generic Linux based Embedded Systems
  • Improved PulseAudio sink for ActiveAE for Linux Desktop
  • Improved OSS (Open Sound System) sink for ActiveAE for BSD, like FreeBSD and similar BSD Unix based systems
  • Improved AUDIOTRACK sink for ActiveAE for Amlogic
  • Improved Pi Audio sink for ActiveAE for Raspberry Pi
  • Improved DirectSound sink for ActiveAE for Windows
  • Improved WASAPI sink for ActiveAE for Windows
  • Improved CoreAudio sink for ActiveAE for (Mac) OS X and iOS
  • Improved Darwin sink for ActiveAE for (Mac) OS X and iOS

1.8 Other

  • Added initial support for AirPlay from iOS 9 music streaming capability[59]
  • Added own lists for audio, subtitle and sub download languages[60]
  • Added ability to open the SmartPlayListEditor for a given playlist
  • Added "long-press" support to extend the functionality of a single button on a remote control
  • Improved code stability and performance as well as general code clean-up in many core areas
  • Improved the the integrated UPnP / DNLA Media Server and Client[61][62]
  • Improved AirPlay compatibility suppor for iOS 8 (via updated libshairplay)[63]
  • Improved Kodi's JSON-RPC API
  • Improved HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) support for Pulse-Eight's LibCEC
  • Updated community maintained translations to over 60+ languages to date for Kodi via Transifex Translation System
  • Updated critical dependency libraries such as openssl, gnutls, and CMake (used to compile binary addons)[64][65]
  • Removed support for the current karaoke implmenetation from the core as it was not being maintained [66]

1.9 Android Specific

  • Added experimental pass-through support for Dolby Digital (AC3) audio[67]
  • Added experimental pass-through support for Dolby TrueHD audio (if supported by underlying hardware & firmware)[67]
  • Added experimental pass-through support for DTS audio[67]
  • Added experimental pass-through support for DTS-HD Master Audio (if supported by underlying hardware & firmware)[67]
  • Added software decode support of Dolby Digital Plus (DD+/E-AC3/EC-3) to PCM audio output[67]
  • Added proper implementation of Surface Rendering going thru EGL for video decoded with Android's MediaCodec API[68]
  • Added proper implementation of handling MEDIA keys support on Android[69]
  • Improved MediaCodec API video decoding implementations support for Android 4.2 (API level 17) and later
  • Improved automatic refresh rate switching support for video playback on Android 5.0 and later (>= API 21), inc. Android TV
  • Improved support for UltraHD decoding / 4K resolution output when HW supports it
  • Improved playback of HEVC, VC-1 / WMV 9, and VP9 hardware video decoding when using Android's MediaCodec API
  • Improved display of other Android apps while browsing these under Kodi as application launcher
  • Improved audio output by decouple Kodi and system volume which removes double audio volume slider
  • Improved touch-screen keymapping for Android based platforms for better gesture support
  • Improved NEON (Advanced SIMD instruction set) CPU acceleration support for ARM architecture
  • Removed support for hardware video decoding via Android StageFright library (libstagefright)

1.10 BSD Specific

  • Improved Kodi support for BSD (operating system) on FreeBSD, PC-BSD, and other similar BSD platforms
  • Improved VAAPI (Video Acceleration API) support (requires VAAPI compatible hardware and drivers)
  • Improved VDPAU (NVIDIA) Hardware Video Acceleration (requires VDPAU compatible hardware and drivers)

1.11 Linux Specific

  • Added multi-touch support, and improved touch and gesture support on Linux
  • Added support for HEVC hardware video decoding via VAAPI API when the VPU and drivers supports it[70]
  • Added support for HEVC hardware video decoding via VDPAU API when the VPU and drivers supports[71]
  • Improved rendering GUI (including OSD) at a different resolution than video playback plane[72]
  • Improved automatic refresh rate switching support for video playback[73]
  • Improved EGL rendering on Amlogic by implement 480cvbs/i/p and 576cvbs/i/p modes[74]
  • Improved SQLite file access performance on Raspberry Pi using MMAP acceleration[75]
  • Improved support for UltraHD decoding / 4K resolution output when hardware supports it
  • Improved video accelerated decoding on Freescale i.MX 6 based devices
  • Improved ARM processor architecture (using WeTek Play and Raspberry Pi as reference devices)
  • Improved OpenGL ES and EGL support (using WeTek Play and Raspberry Pi as reference devices)
  • Improved VAAPI (Video Acceleration API) support (requires VAAPI compatible hardware and drivers)
  • Improved VDPAU (NVIDIA) Hardware Video Acceleration (requires VDPAU compatible hardware and drivers)
  • Improved XvBA (AMD/ATI) Hardware Video Acceleration (requires XvBA compatible hardware and drivers)
  • Improved OpenMAX Video Acceleration API support for Linux (using Raspberry Pi as reference hardware)
  • Improved dedicated AMLCodec hardware accelerated video decoding support for Linux on Amlogic devices
  • Improved AMD/Intel x86-64 64-bit (AMD64 / IA-64t CPU architectures) support under Linux

1.12 iOS Specific

  • Added support for iOS 9.0 by adding support for compiling Kodi with Xcode 7 IDE and iOS SDK 9.0[76]
  • Moved to iOS 8.4 SDK and Xcode 6.4 IDE as default which added support for iOS 8.4
  • Improved Apple VDADecoder Video Acceleration support for iOS (on iPad, iPhone, and iPod iDevices)
  • Improved touch and gesture support for iOS based iDevice platforms (iPad, iPod, and iPhone)
  • Removed support for compiling Apple TV 2 builds[77]
  • Removed iOS 5.1 (iPad 1) compatiibility as it was required to add iOS 9 [78]

1.13 OS X Specific

  • Improved Apple VDADecoder Video Acceleration support for (Mac) OS X
  • Added support for compiling Kodi with Xcode 7 IDE and OS X 10.11 SDK

1.14 Windows Specific

  • Updated the whole rendering system on Microsoft Windows platforms to DirectX 11 and Direct3D 11 native support[79]
  • Added support for caching font vertices on GPU side (requires Windows 8 and DirectX 11 device drivers)[79]
  • Added support for hardware based Stereoscopic 3D (requires Windows 8 and DirectX 11 device drivers)[79]
  • Added support for interleaved Stereoscopic 3D mode on Windows platforms (requires DirectX 11 device drivers)[79]
  • Added support for checkerboard Stereoscopic 3D mode on Windows platforms (requires DirectX 11 device drivers)[79]
  • Improved DXVA/DXVA2 rendering and decoding on Windows (when using DirectX 11 device drivers)[79]
  • Improved support for HEVC hardware video decoding via DXVA on Windows when hardware and driver supports exist

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