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yol served as the voting administrator, as his seat was not up for re-election.

Open nominations notice

The following notice was posted on the Team Kodi private forum, and an e-mail to all Foundation members containing the hyperlink to it was circulated to give due notice about the upcoming election and the opening of nominations for the seats to be filled by it. The Foundation bylaws state that at least ten days must be given for a notice about member decisions such as an election, which in this instance was coterminous with the nomination period.

Open Nominations for the Kodi Foundation Board — 2022 Election
Author: yol
It's time for the yearly Kodi Foundation board elections again!

The board member seats up for election this year are: Keith and DarrenHill. Seats whose terms are continuing are: da-anda, ronie and yol (myself).

The rules are intentionally unambiguous and listed in full below:

  • Any team member can nominate as many people as they wish, provided that the nominees are currently members in good standing of the Foundation.
  • Those members receiving nominations must publicly communicate their wish to either accept or decline the nomination.
  • Only Foundation members in good standing are eligible to vote.
  • Members may only be nominated once; their decision to accept or decline the nomination, once submitted, is final and not subject to later reconsideration.

  • Please keep your nominations simple and direct. For example:

Nominate: Member
Motivation: I am nominating Member to serve on the Kodi Foundation Board because: supporting arguments

  • After you become aware of your nomination, please respond with language to the effect of:

Thank you. I accept my nomination. Reasons for participating and goals for term of service


Thank you, however I must decline my nomination at this time. Explanation

  • The second post in this thread will be updated regularly to contain a summary of members and their nomination status, so you aren't required to read the entire thread to stay abreast of new developments as they occur.
  • The nomination period is one (1) month, beginning today and ending on September 20th. Actual voting will begin after that and will be closed after approximately a fortnight (if it proves necessary to conduct a vote at all). Once the voting is over, the results will be announced in this thread, as well as through a team email and on Kodi Wiki.
  • The terms for the new board seats will officially commence in November on the day ultimately selected for the joint online meeting with the old and new board members in attendance, in the hopes of facilitating a smooth transition and welcoming the new members.
  • If you'd like to vote in the election, you first need to be accepted as a Foundation member and formally affirm the by-laws. Details on applying to join the Foundation are here. A list of all Foundation members can be viewed here. (Foundation member list only accessible via the Google account which matches your Kodi address).


As number of nominations made and accepted was equal to the number of open seats, a vote was not conducted.


DarrenHill and keith will continue to serve on the board for another full term.