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Template:XBMC wiki toc Keymapping specific to your particular installation can be observed in Keyboard.xml in the System folder of your installation.

Keyboard controls:

1 Common platform-independent keymapping

Key Function Notes
Any Single character That button on the keyboard, Case INSENSITIVE
O Displays CPU usage and video diagnostic information
P Play Starts slideshow during pictures view.
Space Pause
X Stop
L Cycle subtitles
T Toggle subtitles on and off
F Fast Forward
R Rewind
Left-arrow Left
Right-arrow Right
Up-arrow Up
Down-arrow Down
Page Up Page Up
Page Down Page Down
Enter (Return) Select
Backspace Parent Directory
Q Queue
W Marked as Watched
M Activate OSD Player Controls
S Activate Shutdown Menu
Esc Home menu

Remembers the last menu-position when you return to it

I Media Info
Application key Context Menu
C Context Menu
Period Skip Next
Comma Skip Previous
Tab Toggles fullscreen modes

Either visualisation or video playback

A Audio offset

Only when video playback is displayed fullscreen

Z Zoom mode

Only when video playback is displayed fullscreen

Cycling: Normal, Zoom, Strecth 4:3, Wide zoom, Strecth 16:9, Original size, Custom
Print Screen Screenshot
Minus (-) Volume Down
Plus (+) Volume Up
0 (Zero) Number 0
1 (One) Number 1
2 (Two) Number 2
3 (Three) Number 3
4 (Four) Number 4
5 (Five) Number 5
6 (Six) Number 6
7 (Seven) Number 7
8 (Eight) Number 8
9 (Nine) Number 9
Backslash (\) Toggle Application Full Screen / Windowed mode
End Shutdown XBMC

Only from Main Menu and without confirmation

List of unused letter on keyboard while in fullscreen playback mode: B, D, E, G, H, J, K, N, U, and Y

2 Global common mouse controls

Key Description, Notes
Left Click on item Select
Middle Click on item Queue to playlist
Right Click on item Context menu
Right Click on blank area Back
Mouse Wheel Up Up
Mouse Wheel Down Down

3 Platform specific keymapping

3.1 Live and Linux keymapping

'Windows' Application key: Context menu

3.2 Mac keymapping

⌘Q to close

⌘H and ⌘M to iconize

⌘F to toggle fullscreen

⌘S to take screenshots inside XBMC

3.3 Windows keymapping

'Windows' Application key: Context menu