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|  P
|  P
|  Play
|  Play
| Starts slideshow during pictures view.
|  Space
|  Space

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Template:XBMC wiki toc Keymapping specific to your particular installation can be observed in Keyboard.xml in the System folder of your installation.

1 Common platform-independent keymapping

Key Function Notes
Any Single character That button on the keyboard, Case INSENSITIVE
O Displays CPU usage and video diagnostic information
P Play Starts slideshow during pictures view.
Space Pause
X Stop
L Cycle subtitles
T Toggle subtitles on and off
F Fast Forward
R Rewind
Left-arrow Left
Right-arrow Right
Up-arrow Up
Down-arrow Down
Page Up Page Up
Page Down Page Down
Enter (Return) Select
Backspace Parent Directory
Q Queue
W Marked as Watched
M Activate OSD Player Controls
S Activate Shutdown Menu
Esc Home menu

Remembers the last menu-position when you return to it

I Media Info
Application key Context Menu
C Context Menu
Period Skip Next
Comma Skip Previous
Tab Toggles fullscreen modes

Either visualisation or video playback

A Audio offset

Only when video playback is displayed fullscreen

Z Zoom mode

Only when video playback is displayed fullscreen

Cycling: Normal, Zoom, Strecth 4:3, Wide zoom, Strecth 16:9, Original size, Custom
Print Screen Screenshot
Minus (-) Volume Down
Plus (+) Volume Up
0 (Zero) Number 0
1 (One) Number 1
2 (Two) Number 2
3 (Three) Number 3
4 (Four) Number 4
5 (Five) Number 5
6 (Six) Number 6
7 (Seven) Number 7
8 (Eight) Number 8
9 (Nine) Number 9
Backslash (\) Toggle Application Full Screen / Windowed mode
End Shutdown XBMC

Only from Main Menu and without confirmation

List of unused letter on keyboard while in fullscreen playback mode: B, D, E, G, H, J, K, N, U, and Y

2 Platform specific keymapping

2.1 Live and Linux keymapping

'Windows' Application key: Context menu

2.2 Mac keymapping

⌘Q to close

⌘H and ⌘M to iconize

⌘F to toggle fullscreen

⌘S to take screenshots inside XBMC

2.3 Windows keymapping

'Windows' Application key: Context menu