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==Common Keymapping==
==Common Keymapping==


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1 Common Keymapping

1.1 Keyboard

Key Description, Notes
Any Single character That button on the keyboard, Case INSENSITIVE
Play P
Queue Q
FastForward F
Rewind R
Left Left Arrow
Right Right-arrow
Up Up-arrow
Down Down-arrow
PageUp PageUp
PageDown PageDown
Return Return
Backspace Parrent Directory
M Activate Player Controls
S Activate Shutdown Menu
Esc Previous menu
I Info
Context Menu Key Context Menu
Space Pause
X Stop
Period Skip Next
Comma Skip Previous
Tab Fullscreen
PrintScreen Screenshot
Minus Volum Down
Plus Volume Up
Zero 0 Number0
One 1 Number 1
Two 2 Number 2
Three 3 Number 3
Four 4 Number 4
Five 5 Number 5
Six 6 Number 6
Seven 7 Number 7
Eight 8 Number 8
Nine 9 Number 9
Backslash Toggle Fullscreen
End Shutdown XBMC

1.2 Mouse

Key Description, Notes
Left Click on item Select
Right Click on item Context menu
Right Click on blank area Back
Mouse Wheel Up Up
Mouse Wheel Down Down

2 Platform Specific Keymapping

2.1 Linux Keymapping

2.2 Mac Keymapping

2.3 Windows Keymapping