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This page describes the "Jenkins" builder used by Team Kodi to build the variety of releases of Kodi.

1 Jenkins

Jenkins Start.JPG

Jenkins is the successor of Buildbot which was harder to maintain and Jenkins also offers a wide variety of plugin that can be used to benefit further development and testing.

When going to you are shown the current frontpage like shown below and you start at the dashboard giving you several build statistics and overview of current used builders.

You also see tabs for each platform that contain specific builders for each one of those. The helpers contains like the name says helpers that can aid in doing quick builds like build all platforms or uploading of Kodi releases to our mirrors.

2 Building

Building using Jenkins is only possible if given access from Team Kodi administrators and is restricted to Team Kodi members.

2.1 Automated builds

At the moment we use the job BuildMulti-All which is triggered by a timer to create the nightly builds each day. These timed builds are considered nightly builds and are uploaded to It starts the list of separate jobs listed below and by default will build the master branch from

  • Android-ARM
  • Android-ARM64-v8a
  • Android-X86
  • iOS
  • LINUX-64
  • OSX-64
  • WIN-32

During Kodi RC and Final stage these builds might be switched to build the release branch. The purpose for this is to have continues testing until final release on the release branch of Kodi.

3 Starting manual build

To start a manual build to build a certain release or just for testing/compiling purpose you have two choices.

3.1 Specific platform

Jenkins platforms.jpg
To build a specific platform you must click on the platform of choice you want.
Jenkins singlebuild1.jpg
After that you are presented with the following screen (some option may not be visible to you due to restrictions).

This gives an overview of the available option and the build history of the platform.

To start a build click on 'Build Now where you can provide the necessary information on what you want to build.

Jenkins singlebuild2.jpg
Here you can choose what type of release you want to build, branch/tag or commit (REVISION) and the github account the branch is located in (GITHUB_REPO). If you want to upload the finished build to the server check the box to upload it.

Do note if you just want to do a compile run, please disable uploading the results as this will save in total time needed and won't upload unnecessary builds to our mirrors.

Once you started building you can follow it's progress with the progress bars or click on the console to view the compiling progress.

3.2 Build all platforms

Jenkins buildall1.jpg

By clicking on the XBMC-BuildMulti-All job in the helper tab you get several options on the left side just like on a single platform build. Click on Start a new build. This process is the same as the single builds for each platforms with the only change this will trigger each individual builder that is currently linked to this build job.

4 Jenkins & Github Integration

4.1 Testing Pull Requests

Before merging a pull request a Jenkins build must be triggered to ensure all platforms that are enabled continue to compile. Which are usually the same as the automated builds. After the pull request has been successfully built by Jenkins then the pull request will show that it is "safe to merge".

The following trigger phrases can be commented to pull requests by team members:

  • jenkins build this please - jenkins builds the PR and sets the PR status after that
  • jenkins build this with addons please - jenkins builds the PR and add-ons and sets the PR status after that
  • jenkins build and merge - jenkins builds the PR and if successfull merges it to master
  • jenkins build addons please - jenkins builds the binary addons from a PR and sets the PR status after that
  • jenkins build kore - jenkins builds the official kodi remote "Kore" and sets the PR status after that
  • jenkins build kore and merge - jenkins builds the official kodi remote "Kore" and if successfull merges it to master

Note - This will only work for Team Kodi members who have github commit rights, or alternative Team Kodi members who don't have commit rights but have been added to the special "jenkins-access" team on github (the list of these members is at Jenkins-Access)

4.2 Configure Jenkins & Github Integration

Described below are the Steps required to make sure you are authorised to trigger Jenkins build on Github.

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