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For the meanings of these, see RFC 2616.
For the meanings of these, see RFC 2616.
==See also==
*[[Web Server HTTP API]]

[[Category:File Sharing]]
[[Category:File Sharing]]

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Template:XBMC wiki toc XBMC contains an HTTP-client with which you can add sources in all sections in the XBMC interface, however as HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol ) is not designed to stream audio/video data it is not recommended that you use it under the Music or Videos sections.

1 Source formatting

Formatting in sources.xml:

Example (if any variables are not needed, omit the required punctuation):

    <!--to connect as anonymous use "http://ipaddress:port/" or just "http://ipaddress"-->
    <path>http://username:[email protected]:port/directory/|option1=value1&option2=value2</path>

Examples of options include "auth", which is required if your HTTP server uses any type of authentication other than basic (which is, in fact, unsafe unless used over HTTPS). E.g. if your HTTP server uses digest authentication, use http://username:[email protected]:port/directory/|auth=digest. For maximum flexibility, use auth=any or auth=anysafe (i.e. anything other than basic).

Other options include:

  • Referer
  • User-Agent
  • Cookie
  • Encoding

For the meanings of these, see RFC 2616.

2 See also