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Share libraries w/MySQL, guide:

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting up MySQL
  3. Setting up Kodi
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Many things can be synced using path substitution.


This works with both directories and single files. The following directories and files are generally safe to share between Kodi devices:

1 Steps

  1. Share your existing userdata folder or a new folder with those files via NFS, SMB, or AFP (make sure have write access, not just read-only access). Most users to do this from the same computer/device as the MySQL server.
  2. Copy the text from the right hand boxes and add it to your advancedsettings.xml file, between the <pathsubstitution> and </pathsubstitution> tags.
  3. Note/copy the network path of your shared data folder and use that to replace PROTOCOL://YOUR_NETWORK_SHARE/kodi/userdata/, for example an SMB share holding your playlists use smb://NAS/share/kodi_stuff/Playlists/
  4. Make sure all Kodi devices that are being synced have this addition to their advancedsettings.xml file.

1.1 Playlists


The Playlist folder in Kodi contains music, video and mixed playlists. If you have imported from pre-existing media libraries then you can use your old playlist folder to save time on recreating the various playlists. If your playlists include local file paths, you will need to edit them to use network shares instead.

1.2 Keymaps


Useful if you want the controls on all your Kodi devices to be the same. Might not be a good idea if you use different types of remotes on different devices, as you'll likely want to have individual configurations for them.

1.3 Sources


The sources.xml file contains a list of all the sources your media will be collected from, including both local and network-based media. This will also allow you to sync everything that is just in Files view and not in the video library.

If an Kodi device has a source that is specific to it (such as on an internal hard drive that is not shared with the rest of the devices) then you might not want to share sources.xml.

mediasources.xml is similar to sources.xml, but only effects the options seen when you add a new source and select "browse". It really doesn't matter much if you share this file or not.

1.4 RSS Feeds


This file tells Kodi what RSS feed to show on the home screen, if enabled.

1.5 Favourites


This will sync your favorites selections between all Kodi devices. If the favorite depends on a file path that is specific to one device then this might not work for the other devices.

1.6 Network share passwords


If your network shares use passwords (at least for SMB) then you will need to manually copy the passwords.xml file over to each Kodi device. This file keeps track of those passwords.