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** [[Game development]] - A guide to developing games for Kodi
** [[Game development]] - A guide to developing games for Kodi
** [[Compiling Kodi-Game|Compiling Kodi with RetroPlayer]]
** [[Compiling Kodi-Game|Compiling Kodi with RetroPlayer]]
** [[Compiling game add-ons|Compiling existing game add-ons]]
** [[Compiling_Kodi-Game|Compiling existing game add-ons]]

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In Kodi, game playback can be controlled similar to movies. Pause, rewind and fast-forward are possible if supported by the emulator.

1 Button combo reminder

Kodi uses button combos inspired by RetroPie (see RetroPie documentation). A reminder is shown the first time a game is played:

The help dialog

To open the game menu, press the buttons on your controller that best match Select + X as they appear on the SNES controller. On modern controllers, the Select button is called Back (Xbox), View (Xbox One), Share (PS4) and various others.

2 Button combos

Games in Kodi can be controlled with the following button combos:

Button combo Player action
Select + X Pause/resume
Select + Start Exit
Select + Left trigger Rewind
Select + Right trigger Fast-forward
Select + Right stick Change volume
Hold Start Pause/resume

3 In-game menu

The in-game menu allows for some basic playback controls and shows the button combos.

The in-game menu

4 Gameplay settings

The Settings menu lets you control video, audio, input and emulator tweaks.

The game settings menu

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