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Kodi does not provide any video content or video streaming services. If you bought a "Kodi" player that was advertised as a streaming service than you probably have been misled by a seller trying to make a quick buck. Kodi is a more akin to a video player, like your DVD/Blu-ray player. The main aim of Kodi is to work with video files you have on your own computer or local network (e.g. a fileserver or NAS). Kodi can also access online videos using add-ons, but these add-ons are almost always made by the community and come from a third party service/source, and do not come preinstalled from official versions of Kodi.

While there are many legal video third party add-ons and services that work with Kodi, be aware that some less reputable online sellers might try and bundle or market unofficial/unsupported piracy/bootleg add-ons. Such add-ons/services are not endorsed, encouraged, or supported by Team Kodi or the XBMC Foundation. Please do not ask about services that are explicitly for bootleg video content on official Kodi websites, forums, or other support channels. For more information, see our forum and community rules.