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While the built in DVDplayer and PAPlayer are capable, out of the box, to handle a huge variety of content, users might find themselves in need of using a different playback software. Reasons might include improved postprocessing abilities, GPU accelerated video decoding and other special features not (yet) offered by the internal players. Thanks to several brave developers we have a powerful tool at our disposal: the external player option. By simply configuring the playercorefactory.xml file, we can alter the default player for different sources (videos, music, DVDs, etc.).


XBMC comes with a default playercorefactory.xml, located under the XBMC\System folder (where XBMC is the chosen installation folder).

To customize playback behaviour, users need to create an extra playercorefactory.xml file inside their "\UserData\" folder.
Please consult your plaform specific FAQ for the appropriate location.