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=== PyXBMCt ===
=== PyXBMCt ===

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Below you will find software that can be useful in Add-on Development.

Text Editors

Sublime 3

Description = Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose. You'll love the slick user interface, extraordinary features and amazing performance.





Description = A very popular text editor for Windows Operating System. Very quick to launch and has a number of plugins available. Some nice text formating.


Python Integrated development environments


Descrition = Software developers who are doing pure Python coding, as well as those who are just making their first steps in programming, will no doubt appreciate this new Edition of PyCharm, which provides such essential IDE functionality as:

an intelligent editor with code completion and analysis automated code refactorings graphical debugger and unit testing support native version control integrations, and much more...



Auto Completion Add-ons


Description = Kodi stubs are literally Python module stubs which mimic Kodi Python API modules. They contain most (hopefully, all) classes, methods, functions and constants declarations with docstrings, and minimal code not to raise syntax errors. If you using some Python IDE (Eclipse+Pydev, Python Tools for Visual Studio, PyScripter etc.), you can add those modules to Python import paths of your current Kodi addon project, and you will get code auto-completion and quick help that greatly facilitates writing addon code and reduces the number of errors.





Description = xbmcswift2 is a small framework to ease development of Kodi addons. Whether you are an experienced addon developer, or just coding your first addon, you’ll find benefits to using xbmcswift2.



Description = PyXBMCt is a Python framework for simple Kodi addon UI building. It was inspired by PyQt (hence the name) and shares the same basic principles, so those who are familiar with PyQt/PySide should feel themselves right at home. The framework provides 4 base classes, 9 ready-to-use widgets or, in Kodi terms, controls, a Grid layout manager and an event connection manager. PyXBMCt uses texture images from XBMC’s default Confluence skin to decorate its visual elements. Those textures are included in PyXBMCt, so UI based on it will have the same look in different skins.